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Hi, Welcome to Sunday Scaries!

We’re a serious CBD company for folks that don’t take themselves too seriously.
Meet The Founders

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Mike and Beau. We’re two bar owners, turned CBD advocates, who believe nature and humor are the best medicine. We founded Sunday Scaries for one reason only: to help you chill the f*ck out so you can enjoy your life.

Mike Co-Founder & Integrator


Drop some CBD Tincture under my tongue around 3pm, because Sunday Scaries are REAL.


Add a little CBD Tincture in my lotion and rub it on my skin. Helps me recover from that gym session.


No CBD day...because I feel like a “golden god.”


Take 3 Vegan CBD Gummies because I’ve got a 6-hour flight to NYC for a big meeting.


I'm feeling something sweet to start my day. Take 3 Vegan AF right after breakfast to get it started.


Tonight's a big night, got to bring my A-game. Pop 3 CBD Gummies before heading out for the night.


No CBD day. Because I feel fresh AF.

Beau Co-Founder & Visionary

6:00 AM

I mix 2 drops of CBD Tincture in a big cup of water every morning before I go work out. Ready to rock!

9:30 AM

Take down 3 CBD Gummies before the daily meeting, it helps me become a smooth operator...

11:00 AM

I take one drop of CBD Tincture to hold me over until the afternoon. Just what I need.

3:30 PM

Enjoy 3 Vegan AF because I’ve got dinner with those akward relatives.

6:00 PM

No CBD Gummies or Tincture needed. I'm chillin'.

9:00 PM

I wind down my day with 2 drops of CBD Tincture in the bathtub before I go to bed. And I sleep like a big baby.

Broad Spectrum CBD Products

Replace “FML” with our broad spectrum CBD and get your chill on 20 minutes later.

Broad Spectrum CBD Bundles produced by Sunday Scaries

CBD Bundles

Bundles designed for the Sunday Scaries CBD enthusiast who just can't get enough.

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Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies made by Sunday Scaries

CBD Gummies

Meet the OG gummy bear. Designed to support your relaxation. Each bear has 10 MG of CBD.

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Broad Spectrum Vegan CBD Gummies manufactured by Sunday Scaries

Vegan AF Gummies

100% of the goodness of our OG CBD gummies but with 100% vegan ingredients. That’s right no gelatin!

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Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture produced by Sunday Scaries

CBD Tincture

Perfect for conditions that need a stronger dose of CBD. Each bottle has 500 MG of CBD.

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CBD Candy

CBD Candy

These sweet rainbow CBD candy strips are a party in your mouth without the 420 feels.

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Broad Spectrum CBD Energy Shot manufactured by Sunday Scaries


One shot of our broad spectrum CBD potion gives you the alertness of coffee, without the jitters.

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Broad Spectrum Bath Bombs manufactured by Sunday Scaries


Sometimes a shower won't cut it, but our 50 MG of CBD will do the trick.

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