Everyone deals with some kind of anxiety from time to time, but there’s nothing like a wedding to turn that anxiety up a notch. Weddings can be the most special celebration of your life! But unfortunately, sometimes it is also the most stressful situation ever–we want to help you avoid that. Want to know ten wedding tips for brides dealing with anxiety? You’re in the right place. Read on!


Wedding Tip Number One: Make A Game Plan

So, you’re engaged! It’s Facebook official. You love the ring, you’re happy, he’s happy… now what? What happens now? You pick a wedding date, and then a dress, and then bridesmaids, and then bridesmaid dresses, and then a venue, hair and make-up, an officiant, the rehearsal dinner…. And the list gets longer and longer. Suddenly, you’re drowning in details, second-guessing everything, and considering eloping. While there’s nothing wrong with eloping, don’t let momentary stress completely derail your hopes and dreams. Set aside a little at a time and write down tasks, questions, and priorities as they come to you. As you decide how long your engagement will be, make plans, and begin to tackle decisions, having one centralized location for all of your thoughts and decisions will be incredibly helpful and will help you cut down anxiety from trying to keep track of everything in your mind.

Wedding Tip Number Two: Recruit Help

As you get further into the wedding planning process, all kinds of people will come out of the woodwork offering to help. Take them up on it! Perhaps a family friend will arrange your flowers, or your great aunt will make the cake, or your sister will coordinate logistics for all of your family members flying in and out to celebrate with you for the big day. If you’re feeling anxious about everything you have to do, delegate what you can to friends and family. As you’re planning a wedding and working on checking off your task list, knowing which items you can delegate out will help you stress less and accomplish more.

Wedding Tip Number Three: Hire a Planner

If you are easily distracted or quickly overwhelmed by any kind of details, hiring a wedding planner might be your best bet to help reduce anxiety. If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or you know you suffer from anxiety, a wedding planner will save you from that next panic attack. Hiring a professional can bring a lot of comfort and security into the situation when you no longer have to manage every single tiny detail, but can focus on enjoying not only the wedding but also the engagement.

Wedding Tip Number Four: Make a List of Priorities

We mentioned this a little earlier, but knowing your priorities will be really helpful when it comes to making decisions and avoiding stress and anxiety. What is most important to you? What can other people manage, and what are you really passionate about planning yourself? What brings you joy, and what just feels like a drag to you? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and one bride’s vice may be her best friend’s virtue. Knowing what is important for you to keep close (like the color and style of the bridesmaid’s dresses) and what is less important (like the kind of wedding favors guests get) can help you discern what needs your attention.

Wedding Tip Number Five: Take Breaks

Give yourself plenty of breaks and opportunities to step away from wedding planning. It doesn’t have to become all-consuming, and it certainly does not have to ruin your life. Whether you set time limits on how much wedding planning you’ll do at a time, or try to reserve one day that you don’t think about the wedding at all, setting some boundaries and setting up some dates and break times can be really healthy for you, your partner, and your team of wedding planning extraordinaires.

Wedding Tip Number Six: Talk to your Partner

We know this is simple, but man, is it a hard one to do! Set aside time to talk to each other and stay connected through the wedding planning process. Whether you talk about things you’re excited about, or nervous about, or feeling stressed about, all of those feelings and realities are normal. You’re in this together, and you’re getting ready to spend the rest of your lives together–enjoy the process of engagement together, too!

Wedding Tip Number Seven: It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

You don’t have to become this perfectionist with a Pinterest-perfect wedding–come on, now. Who does that anyway? No one, really! It’s okay to change your vision, your mind, or even your timing if you need to extend the engagement to give yourself a little more time. Do not be stressed about what other people may think or feel, because your wedding is about you. Give yourself the grace to change your mind and be flexible as other details and realities arise.

Wedding Tip Number Eight: Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines and boundaries will help in two ways: it will help dissuade procrastination so you don’t leave everything until the last minute. But also, it will help you avoid falling into the trap of perfectionism–although you might be tempted to keep circling something until it is absolutely perfect, no one has that kind of time (or money, even). Setting deadlines will help keep the process rocking and rolling all the way up until your special day.

Wedding Tip Number Nine: Take Care of Yourself

This is a crazy season of life–give yourself space and time to feel it. Self-care will help you keep your poise and maintain beauty inside and out. Be diligent to get enough sleep, to eat well, and to keep time in your routine to do things that make you happy and help you relax. Speaking of relaxing, adding a few CBD Gummies into your day to day life may be a great option to help reduce anxiety and help you stay calm through endless decision-making meetings–you know, when you have to decide what fabric napkin to choose, and what chair back fits your vision. (Who knew there were so many options?)

Wedding Tip Number Ten: Don’t be afraid to let things go

At the end of the day, your wedding is just one day of your relationship–there were many before, and many to come. Don’t be afraid to let things go and just let things fall into place. Your friends, family, and wedding planner will help take care of the details, and your partner will help take care of you! So spend your time and energy preparing to laugh, celebrate, and enjoy your new union with your partner.


Happy Wedding Planning!

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