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ALLURE Editor: "I Fell in Love With a CBD Oil, and I Don’t Care Who Knows It"

ALLURE Editor, Angela Trakoshis' journey through anxiety with Sunday Scaries CBD Oil

Angela Trakoshis is a stunner.

She's beautiful, intelligent, successful, a New York native & a taco lover.

But like many young professionals, Angela didn't realize how much anxiety was impeding her life until it was too late. Cue the anxiety attack.

Angela thought her regular "fluttery" feelings were just symptoms of frustration & anger, not realizing the stark difference them and anxiety. Frustration is a feeling of being upset or annoyed with something. Anger is a stronger feeling of hostility & displeasure with something. But anxiety is much different; anxiety is fear.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear-like apprehension, worry and nervousness. And when those feelings remain unchecked, they can have serious consequences.

For Angela, her anxiety attack included shortness of breath, tears and a trip to her local Urgent Care. She'd experienced her breaking point.

Why Does Angela Love Sunday Scaries So Much?

After her anxiety attack, Angela tried yoga and meditation to calm her nerves, but still wasn't satisfied. That's when she confided with Rosemary Donahue, Allure's digital wellness editor. Angela also knew that Rosemary was Allure's in-house CBD expert, so she asked if she had any product recommendations. Rosemary recommended Sunday Scaries CBD Oil.

Angela instantly became a fan of Sunday Scaries CBD Oil. In addition to the effectiveness, she also appreciated its responsible sourcing. While many brands sourced their CBD from foreign locations, like China, Sunday Scaries sourced their CBD directly from family-owned farms outside Denver, Colorado. Sunday Scaries CBD is also GMO-free, pesticide-free & heavy-metal free.

In addition, Sunday Scaries CBD oil's effects are complimented its other ingredients: organic coconut oil for focus, Vitamin D3 for boosting the immune system & Vitamin B12 for boosting mood.

Curious what Sunday Scaries can do for you? Try Sunday Scaries CBD Oil today and get an extra 20% off! Use code: CBD20 at checkout.

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