Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard the stir about the use of CBD within the medical community. It is gaining steam for its popular use in the treatment of many conditions that millions of Americans suffer from daily. Although the research is ongoing and scientists are still finding new ways for this amazing and natural compound to be applied, information is abundant on many who successfully use it every day.

Cannabidiol or CBD, is most popular for helping those who use it to relax and take on their day with positivity. It is used for a wide array of mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. Harvard Health suggests that CBD can be effective for those who have trouble falling asleep and remaining asleep.

There is no lack of information out there on the radical usages of CBD. There are several ways to even consume the botanical compound. This is sure to be satisfying for some who have trouble taking certain forms of medications.


Sunday Scaries Gummies 

About Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries was born after two bar owners took the reigns to address that awful feeling we all get once we realize our weekend is about to come to an end. That feeling they call Sunday Scaries. The weekend is almost over, it’s Sunday evening, and you’re enjoying your free time, when suddenly that small feeling in your gut reminds you, it’s almost over. Back to reality. Back to the daily weekday grind. Phone calls to make, reports due, driving through downtown traffic during rush hour.

We all know that feeling all too well. Mike and Beau did too. That’s why they created Sunday Scaries, out of their passion for CBD oil and other CBD products and the desire to help others kick those weekdays right where it hurts. We all have to work. We all have to get through life. Why not do something to help bring on the positive vibes so we can do those things even better? They have created a full line of CBD products just for that purpose.

Why Go Gummies?

Cannabidiol gummies are gaining popularity due to the fact that they taste great and have a controlled amount of the compound for each gummy. It’s already been shown that the uses are widespread for different health conditions. CBD gummies can also be used every day just to add that dose of radical positivity. It comes in vegan option too!

Sunday Scaries gummies are full-spectrum. This means there is no THC in them at all. Why is this important? This makes usability high, no pun intended, for those who want to add CBD into their daily routine without the worry of breaking any laws. CBD is legal and its side effects are very rare.

As always, if you currently take medication for a disorder such as anxiety but want to discuss the option of CBD use, talk to your doctor. Many physicians are finding that patients can manage their symptoms relatively well with just CBD.

Unlike many pharmaceuticals on the market, CBD is non-synthetic and is a naturally occurring compound that works with your body to help achieve that chill vibe you seek.


Sunday Scaries is a natural option for treating mood disorders with the added benefit of natural flavoring and vitamins B12 and D3. Each gummy has 10 mg of CBD. This makes dosage easy and finding your sweet spot extremely easy.

Some customers prefer to take 2 gummies a few times a day, while others find that between 1-3 gummies is sufficient for a one day dose.

All natural ingredients are what consumers want. Sunday Scaries makes that happen by ensuring that their products are all natural with as few ingredients as possible. Customers want proven results from an amazing source. All ingredients that are in Sunday Scaries products are from farms in the United States and are free of pesticides and filler. They are lab tested and a great source for anyone with dietary restrictions.

Product Specs

At first glance, it isn’t hard to see that these gummies are not your average CBD gummy bears. The design of their labels jumps right out at you. It is sure to get you psyched to try them even before opening the bottle up.

Sunday Scaries Cannabidiol Gummies come with twenty gummies per bottle. Each gummy has 10mg of CBD. The gummies have a slightly sweet fruity taste. Most commonly compared to by users as tasting like regular gummy bears. There is no aftertaste or floral like taste normally found in some gummies.

Sunday Scaries has many options for purchasing even a subscription option that helps those who use it regularly. One bottle is around $39.00. You will definitely want to purchase more if you plan to use daily. Sunday Scaries makes life easier for the regular buyer by adding an extra discount for subscription buying. All their products come with a 100% money-back guarantee and free shipping, go America!


Why Choose to Beat the Sunday Scaries

There are millions of people suffering from anxiety and depression in the United States alone. According to a report by Scientific American, 1 in 6 Americans are prescribed psychiatric medications, the most common ones being those for depression and anxiety (and things like post-traumatic stress disorder). Can you imagine the cost of having to take prescription medications daily just to adjust your mood? Have you ever watched a prescription drug commercial and cringed as they roll off the potential side effects?

Cannabidiol oil, while still in its early stages of being researched, is still very low risk compared to many mood-altering drugs on the market today. This knowledge alone makes looking into CBD worth a shot. Many physicians are realizing the amazing results that patients are having with benefits of CBD. The average person alone can see that their daily life can be given that extra kick to help them achieve awesomeness. It can also have health benefits for ailments like chronic pain, in addition to anxiety. Keep in mind that these products are different from medical marijuana in that they don’t include that THC element in the marijuana compound.

So if you are seeking to find that holistic and natural approach to help banish those Sunday Scaries and help you be free from a week of anxiety and dread, this company is here for you. CBD also comes in candies and energy shots! Mike and Beau use their products themselves to achieve just that right level of chill needed to get through the week.

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