Even the most experienced of public speakers can feel intimidated and anxious when they are faced with a crowd, and many well-known personalities have fumbled more than a few times and rendered themselves speechless in front of a daunting audience. And not because they have received a standing ovation, but because they have felt utterly immobile and stuck at the moment, unable to get even just one little word out.

Before too long their palms get clammy, their breath becomes shorter, and they look visibly stressed out and panicked – in short, completely overwhelmed.

When something like this happens during an important presentation at work, it can be incredibly disappointing and lead to feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem, and unfortunately, there will be someone else all too willing to step up and take your place if you are not able to get your act together and perform.

While several books have already been published on how to overcome nerves in public speaking, and you can attend seminars and coaching to help you face your fears, most people who suffer from the fear of public speaking still find themselves gripped by white-knuckling panic at the moment.

As a result of this debilitating apprehension, many people have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime that they have worked toward their whole lives and the fear of public speaking has resulted in many once brilliant minds deteriorate into a state of addiction and recluse as a result of relying on illegal and addictive performance-enhancing drugs.

What few people fail to realize is that while even legal prescription drugs such as Valium might calm you down at the moment, you could be putting yourself at risk of negative side effects in the long run.

The Effects of Anxiety

When you experience feelings of anxiety, your body responds in fear with tension and uncertainty. It makes no difference how well you prepare, or if you are an expert in your field or you are a star who is always in the limelight; public speaking events, no matter how small, can induce a full-blown panic attack in some people.

Your heart will start racing, and you will find it difficult to catch your breath. Coupled with sweating profusely and a complete mental blank, none of this bodes very well when you are due to give an important presentation in front of the board at work.

Anxiety and panic can have a sudden onset that is not accompanied by any physical or emotional warning, but most often the lead up to the actual event is equally as nerve-racking as the actual event itself.

Fortunately, many amateur and professional speakers have been able to find natural relief in the form of CBD tincture that has helped them to overcome their fear and self-consciousness of speaking in public, and they are now enjoying the ability to further their careers and connect with more influential people in their industries as a result.

How CBD Oil Can Help Calm Your Nerves Before a Presentation

Years ago, there was a study carried out that determined that humans had a far greater chance of overcoming their anxiety in particular situations via the use of CBD. Half of the participants in the trial consumed CBD prior to standing up to speak in front of an audience, and the other half didn’t.

Guess who was able to perform better? Of course, the individuals who took CBD demonstrated significant improvement by the end of the exercise, while the ones who did not were still gripped by panic and fear. So, if we take this particular body of research into account and combine it with the thousands of testimonies from speakers who currently use CBD, it’s safe to say that it works to diminish uncomfortable symptoms.

Unlike THC, CBD is one of the non-psychoactive components of the cannabis plant, so you won’t be left feeling stoned whilst on stage. The opposite is true, and you will be able to think before you speak and convey what you are intending to say without tripping over your words or speaking too quickly to be understood by your audience.

Why Is Using CBD Oil Before a Presentation Better Than Other Substances?

The ability to overcome the fear of public speaking is something that people have been striving to achieve for a very long time, but unfortunately, most methods have had little success. Meditation and breathing exercises only work up until a certain point to work through the feelings of anxiety you are experiencing, but wouldn’t it be better to eliminate them from the equation entirely? That’s where CBD oil has a massive advantage, as it actually helps you disconnect from the feeling and calm you down, rather than feeling the fear and doing it anyway!


Here are just a few of the benefits CBD oil can offer:

It Provides Consumers with a Healthier Option

CBD is 100% natural, and if you purchase a tincture that has been extracted to conserve its purity, your body will thank you for it in the long run.

You Will Feel Relaxed, Yet Alert

Feeling relaxed is often confused with feeling drowsy and wanting to go to sleep. And whilst it is true that CBD oil is frequently used as an effective natural sleep aid, it is also used to enhance focus and improve concentration. Champion athletes now take CBD oil as a part of their daily nutritional intake, as they say, it makes them feel more motivated, clear-headed and driven to succeed.

No Withdrawal Symptoms

Benzodiazepines offer us a solution that is based on instant gratification. They provide us with instant relief when we need it, and life seems much more doable. The problem is that when you stop taking them, many people experience symptoms of withdrawal, which can be really awful to bear while they last. CBD oil can be stopped at any time, and you don’t have to worry about feeling out of sorts or having to gradually decrease your dosage until you can safely stop.

Excellent Safety Record

Even when taken in high doses, CBD has proven itself to be entirely safe. To date, there have been no reports of anyone overdosing as a result of taking CBD, nor have they experience and serious side effects that have warranted emergency medical attention. At the very worst, you should prepare yourself for an upset stomach or feelings of drowsiness as the end of the day draws near.

The Takeaway

If you have a fear of public speaking, then you don’t just have to suck it up and get on with it. The next time you have to step up on stage, taking a few drops of CBD tincture or chewing on a CBD candy an hour or so before your performance will allow you to get in the zone and focus on what’s important – your presentation and the efficacy with which you deliver it to the crowd.

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