The extreme fear of public speaking is called (Glossophobia). Yes, it’s actually a phobia. It is a form of (SAD), social anxiety disorder where most people suffer from a crippling fear of public speaking.

The onset of this phobia often occurs when one is on stage or even when they are simply talking to their own family members or even friends (in the most extreme of cases).

Many people resort to dealing with this phobia by either avoiding talking completely or being utterly miserable while speaking.

How CBD can help with the fear of public speaking

The composition of the CBD oil is rich in cannabinoids with a characteristic of specialized binding receptors in the brain according to a 2011 study, published in Neuropsychopharmacology.

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The cannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2 which play a significant role in the body and are present in:

  • The liver
  • Kidneys
  • Lungs and other organs

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They are tasked with affecting blood cell formation as well as the immune system. All these make the endocannabinoid system that influences moods, appetite, pain, reproduction, memory etc.

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CB1 receptors are located in the brain whereas the CB2 is found in the immune system. These locations help the receptors to fulfill their primary function of stress reduction, balanced immunity, neuroprotection, and homeostatic regulation.

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When you take CBD, it rapidly interacts with cells of the body due to the fact that it has a similar chemical composition, and its ability to generate therapeutic effects that return your body to a state of balance. Additionally, CBD effects can solely be limited to the CB1 and CB2 thus it can activate non-cannabinoid receptors.

Cannabidiol in anti-anxiety studies

Studies show that the relationship between adenosine and cannabidiol help treat anxiety. Adenosine receptors play the major role in the cardiovascular system and affect the regulation of myocardial consumption of oxygen as well as the blood flow.

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So, when CBD stimulates the production of adenosine, there exists a promotion in the rise of dopamine and glutamate neurotransmitters. Dopamine is tasked with motor control, motivation, perception and reward while glutamate checks on a charge of memory, learning, cognition and excitatory signals.

The benefits of CBD are helping with anxiety with no hallucination effects of THC and lowering resistance to anxious responses helping in a social setting. With such benefits, public speaking anxiety which paralyzes the rational mind is cured.

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The Social Anxiety Disorder(SAD) is one of the known forms of anxiety. It usually forms when you are over conscious and gets amplified when you continually fear. This happens when your creative imagination is used in a destructive manner hence propelling the anxiety.

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The 2012 study outlines that CBD has anxiolytic properties that help with acute anxiety in humans. A person with no stress or anxiety upon administered with CBD proved that it does not make a feel of relaxation. However, an induction when there was acute anxiety showed a significant anxiety-reducing effect.

Though being efficient in the management of anxiety, there is no commonly accepted dose of CBD meant for treatment. When administered in animals, what is got is a bell-shaped dose-response curve with moderate doses of anxiolytic that is lost at high doses.

CBD vs. THC for anxiety

When looking for the most ideal management system of anxiety between the two compounds, CBD is considered legal and non-psychoactive despite both of them being of benefit to the patient. A number of people with anxiety cannot use THC because it encourages anxiety and an irrational state of mind.

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Some findings suggest that THC also have the potential of reducing the onset neuropathy and serve as a treatment for insomnia, depression, nausea and appetite loss just as CBD does. However, it is recommended to use CBD for social anxiety because it is the safest form of medication to gaining control and putting a stop to anxiousness.

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From the findings, a need to raise awareness for Cannabidiol is essential. This does not just rise from the research findings but also on the CBD health benefits that have a broader impact. CBD not only balances our health systems but also it is the most cost-efficient compared to other medical alternatives.

Management of anxiety using CBD

There is overwhelming evidence to show that CBD can effectively manage stress and anxiety, more so, the stress and anxiety that comes with the fear of public speaking:

  • Acute Stress-Induced Anxiety: According to 2017 study of public speaking related anxiety confirmed the bell-shaped dose-response in humans. The study indicated that a 300mg dose of CBD effectively reduces anxiety but a 100mg or 900 mg dose cannot.

  • THC-Induced Anxiety: It’s worth noting that anxiety caused by THC can be counteracted by CBD at lower doses than the doses needed when managing anxiety from acute stress. For instance, a dose of 15-60 mg and 70 mg were able to manage anxiety caused by THC, a dose lower than what is required to manage acute stress-induced anxiety.

  • Chronic Anxiety: In cases of chronic anxiety, the doses administered are generally lower. This is attributed to the fact that changes in endocannabinoid system in the people with chronic anxiety changes. No clinical studies have been undertaken to establish a regular dosing regimen for chronic anxiety.

It is worth noting that the studies have a degree of validity, nevertheless, when using CBD oil yourself, doses and effects may differ. This owes to the fact that a possibly effective effect of the CBD on animals may vary for humans.

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Your genetic makeup and biochemical individuality are not the same as the other person thus the dose administered to you will be different from the dose given to others. Additionally, the makeup of a person’s endocannabinoid system varies too affecting response to CBD.

It is recommended that you try low doses of CBD and see how it works first. You can begin with a dose of 10mg to experiment unlike the huge doses used in studies, 400 mg and 600 mg which are high. You had better start with the lower dose to know its effects rather than diving into the unchartered waters of the unknown high doses or potentially wasting your CBD oil altogether.

From the findings, CBD is highly recommended to be administered to persons with social anxiety. CBD showed a significant reduction of anxiety that is seen in speech performance discomforts and cognitive impairment. When administered, all these signs decrease and also alertness in anticipatory speech decrease is seen.

Another advantage is that CBD is as easy to administer as they come. Shipped either with a handy dropper, high strength extracts, suppositories, crystals, or easy to take capsules. You have a wide variety of options from which to choose.

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