These days, CBD oil is all the rage and, regardless of whom you speak to, someone will be preaching about the benefits of medical marijuana or its safer offspring, CBD oil. Nature’s healing tincture has earned its stellar reputation thanks to its ability to significantly reduce anxiety, treat arthritic pain, and also help overcome insomnia. So, with the number of people flocking to try the formidable medicine for a multitude of different issues, it is not surprising that expecting mothers are now wondering if CBD could ease the effects of postpartum issues like postpartum depression, anxiety, aching joints, and even weight gain. This begs the all-important question that occupies the minds of breastfeeding mothers worldwide following pregnancy: “Is CBD oil safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding or could it harm your precious newborn baby?”



The two important compounds that we need to look at when discussing the medicinal value of a marijuana plant are CBD and THC. While THC is not legal in the majority of states due to its psychoactive effects, it can still be a useful component to cure certain ailments. CBD, on the other hand, is completely non-intoxicating and is packed full of medicinal goodness that benefits both our physical and emotional body.

The most important thing to understand with regards to the use of cannabis-based products is that THC is not only illegal in many parts of the country, it is also not suitable or safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. CBD is widely used, however, among new mothers as it provides the natural relief from uncomfortable postpartum symptoms and while the jury is still out with regard to whether or not it is entirely safe due to a current lack of research, there are arguments that both support and discourage its use in breastfeeding women.

The Controversy Surrounding the Use of CBD in Nursing Mothers

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It is always fascinating to see just how much humans are influenced by the opinions of surrounding people. In some aspects, we can have a flock mentality similar to that of sheep and many people are actually more likely to rely on hearsay than factual information. Because the use of CBD oil is still not entirely mainstream, a large number of people wrongly assume that it is the same as smoking weed. So, nursing mothers who have made their own personal choice to continue using CBD products after their baby is born are often frowned upon. On the flipside, there will always be people who thrive off non-conformity and, therefore, advocate its use without fully understanding the risks involved. At the end of the day, the choices we make in life are always personal and while there is no firm evidence indicating that CBD oil could be harmful to a newborn when it is feeding on the breast, there is also nothing factual that states it is 100%. This is the single most important statement to consider when weighing up your treatment options to deal with the symptoms you are struggling with after childbirth. It is also worth mentioning that many pharmaceuticals can also do more harm than good, so many women choose to take a natural approach to enhance their health and wellness.

Further Research Is Required

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There is essentially one primary issue that is a huge thunder cloud hanging over the use of CBD while breastfeeding and this is a lack of medical research conducted specifically on pregnant and breastfeeding moms. There are several studies on THC, however, and the findings have not been positive. One notable study in 2014 highlighted the fact that the use of THC in the lead up to birth can cause a baby to suffer from serious complications. While this news is both alarming and disappointing, it does specifically state that the results of the study specifically related to smoking marijuana as opposed to other methods of consumption.

Cannabinoids Are Naturally Present in Breast milk

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While there is still more research necessary to draw a firm conclusion on the safety of using CBD during the nursing period, one of the most important discoveries of this century has been that cannabinoids naturally occur in human breast milk and they are the identical cannabinoids to those found in a cannabis plant. The most poignant aspect of this finding is that these same cannabinoids are essential for a baby to develop properly. This, therefore, suggests that technically, using CBD while breastfeeding could even be beneficial! Without the endocannabinoid system, a baby would not be able to learn how to suckle or eat and they also wouldn’t have the capacity of desiring to. And if no nutrients were provided to a newborn, it could be fatal.

Another study was performed on females who used marijuana while they were pregnant and the aim of this research was to determine the effects of cannabis on babies in utero and how it would affect them a year after birth. Researchers quickly discovered that the children in question were quicker to engage and socialize with those around them and they were also much calmer and relaxed if they were breastfed.

So, existing research does actually point to the fact that using CBD during breastfeeding can be beneficial to both mother and child, but lack of substantial evidence means that doing so is still very risky. And, when it comes to babies, the majority of new moms aren’t willing to jeopardize their newborn’s health under any circumstances.

Final Thoughts

While many avid users of CBD oil might be jumping for joy at the aforementioned positive findings with regards to the safety of CBD whilst nursing, we have to point out that if further studies were to be conducted on this specific niche market the outcomes could be very different and might not be positive at all. If you are expecting a baby in the near future and you want to obtain further advice on the matter, then you should make an appointment to speak to your physician so you can fully understand the risks that you could potentially expose yourself and your baby too.


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