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Learn how to make your own CBD-infused goodies to feel better, whenever!

If you’re new to the wonderful world of CBD, you might wonder about all the ways you can take advantage of this remarkable substance.

CBD oil can help you mellow out when life gets to be a little too much, like before a big presentation or deadline. But if you don’t feel like popping CBD gummies (Why not?!) or ingesting the oil on its own, there are lots of other ways to safely get the benefits.

Let’s take a look:

Try it topically

It's so easy to make your own bath and skincare products with essential oils. And for any recipe that you can use an essential oil, try CBD oil instead. Mix it in with the substances you already love in your DIY bathroom products.

Essential oils like lavender, rose, and chamomile are believed to have additional calming benefits. And eucalyptus and peppermint may help open stuffed up airways—add CBD to these bath products to clear your head and your nose at the same time.

What kind of products can you easily make at home with CBD oils?

Simply replace part or all of the fragrant essential oils in your favorite recipe with CBD oil. Turn a scary Sunday into a self-care Sunday!

DIY CBD oil pro tip: Make sweet treats with it!

Sweeten your outlook on life by adding CBD oil to your favorite desserts. Some foods are better suited for this than others, however. Don’t necessarily add CBD oil to a very light vanilla angel food cake, for example. But desserts and snacks that are chewy, fudgy, chocolatey, and rich are the perfect vehicles for using CBD to take the edge off.

To DIY CBD oil yummies, mix it into the oil or butter called for in the recipe. It doesn’t matter if that’s coconut oil, real butter, ghee, melted margarine, or another plant-based oil. That said, some experts say never to bake CBD over 300 degrees, so it doesn't lose potency. Adjust baking times as needed.

Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter brownies, and blondies are ideal for a dose of CBD. They have the right texture, fat content, and strong enough flavors to carry the cannabidiol in a yummy way.

Check out these recipes for easy tips to add CBD to your desserts—it’s a tasty way to get a dose before bedtime and wake up feeling great:

Mix it into your morning wake-up

Start the day with ease and a sense of cool, calm relief. You can mix CBD oils into your morning latte, smoothie, and even your Bloody Mary. One secret to getting the most from CBD is to make sure that there’s enough fat in your drink:

  • Skip the skim milk for a splash of half and half or even heavy cream in your latte.
  • Bulletproof coffee, with grass-fed butter and coconut oil, is a great way to wake up and stay calm at the same time.
  • Try adding some full-fat yogurt to your smoothie.
  • Turmeric-rich golden milk can also get a boost from a few drops of CBD.

Decompress by adding it to evening drinks

Cocktails can be a DIY CBD oil treat, too. Adding a few drops of it to your evening adult beverage is a great way to get the benefits. The oil does have a slightly earthy flavor and aroma, so start small and add to taste. Start with 15 mg and work up. Try it with gin, which already has that same earthy, grassy profile.

Mint juleps, gin and tonics, mezcal margaritas, and Pimm’s cup recipes are ideal for mixing in the flavor of CBD oil.

And as the seasons change, you can try adding CBD to your hot chocolate, along with a shot of peppermint schnapps, hazelnut liqueur, coffee liqueur, or Irish cream. Remember to use full-fat milk instead of skim. It's the perfect cold-weather warm-up!

DIY CBD possibilities are endless!

Sunday Scaries CBD oil is a great way to get the benefits of broad-spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and vitamins B12 and D3. It can help provide cool, calm relief any day—or night—of the week.

Buy it now to start making your own delightful, delicious ways to quiet your mind and soothe your woes!