As we approach the end of our twenties, our skincare routines often become more focused on reversing the effects of aging and maintaining healthy-looking, radiant skin, than that of acne prevention. Aggressive dermatological treatments like laser therapy and Botox can be purchased as an instant treatment that temporarily masks the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, but oftentimes that can have detrimental effects on the skin after a certain amount of time. Many women and men are now searching for natural anti-aging options that offer noticeable benefits.

Enter CBD (cannabidiol), the all-natural–seemingly all-powerful–natural health supplement that is making waves in the beauty industry, thanks to its nourishing and anti-aging effects. As opposed to medical marijuana, which contains both the CBD and THC compounds of the marijuana plant, CBD on its own produces no psychoactive effects. So something like CBD oil benefits a variety of ailments, without any psychoactive side effects that would be found in other cannabis products (which include THC).

If you are concerned about getting older and you are worried that your skin needs a helping hand to start looking more youthful, then it’s time to consider changing up your skin routine and incorporating full-spectrum CBD oil into your existing favorite products.

What Causes Our Skin To Age?

As the years pass us by, our bodies start slowing down when it comes to producing hormones, and the loss of skin firmness is a major trait of the natural aging process. After the age of twenty, we produce 1% less collagen each year and this results in saggier, thinner skin. Oil production also slows down, which is responsible for flaky and dehydrated skin. Getting older also means that our skin is less capable of healing itself, as our levels of elastin decrease.

External factors like environmental conditions also affect your skin health and contribute to aging. For example, sun damage and pollution is known to reduce collagen and elastin production even further and also causes deeper lines, hyper-pigmentation and blotchy sunspots. These external factors are way more aggressive than our biological causes of aging and are 90% responsible for how fast we visibly age.

How Can CBD Contribute To Anti-Aging?

All mammals produce endocannabinoids naturally and these neurotransmitters bind to the cannabinoid receptors in our body to help balance and regulate our internal functions like appetite, sleep patterns, and mood. CBD is also thought to be beneficial to the way our immune, hormonal and reproductive systems function when orally ingested.

When CBD is applied topically, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties take center stage and studies have even demonstrated that CBD might even be more potent than taking Vitamins C and E.

There are many benefits of CBD when it comes to reversing the signs of aging and promoting youthful-looking skin including: 

  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces redness, dullness, and lines
  • Counteracts Free Radical damage that causes aging
  • Boosts skin firmness and elasticity via stimulating collagen production
  • Strengthens skin and triggers oil production
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Regulates sebum production


CBD Balances Oil Production

Oily skin can wreak havoc on your skincare routine and it is always challenging to find face creams that don’t dry your skin out or make it greasier. If you have excessive sebum production, your pores will become blocked and pimples start appearing. CBD works to combat these issues by regulating sebum production and balancing hormones.

Nourishes And Moisturizes

Anti-aging skincare products that are infused with CBD are highly effective when it comes to providing your skin with extra nourishment and moisture. CBD contains essential skin vitamins like A, D, and E and it is also rich in fatty acids that make your skin appear more radiant and plumper. 

CBD works in harmony with the human body, due to the fact that we naturally produce endocannabinoids. Our endocannabinoid system works highly efficiently to not only regulate existing chemicals produced in our body, but it also supplies lacking amounts of certain hormones and chemicals. So, if your body doesn’t naturally produce enough anti-oxidants, CBD helps boost this production and you will end up with younger, firmer-looking skin. 


How To Best Use CBD For Younger Skin

These days you can find CBD in pretty much anything, but it is most commonly sold in oil or edible form. CBD oil is easy to infuse into creams, serums, lotions, and balms and it can also be applied directly to the skin, although you will use a lot more oil than if you infuse it into a natural cream that offers complimentary benefits. Topical use of CBD is recommended to experience more concentrated localized benefits on the skin, which is especially true when it comes to the signs of aging. However, you should remember that CBD heals issues that affect your skin as a result of chemical or hormonal imbalances, so a sublingual tincture is also beneficial to combat the aging process. In our opinion, a combination of the two is going to provide you with the best results. 

What To Look For When Buying CBD Products

If you are new to the world of CBD skincare, then there are certain criteria to look out for when you are out shopping. Make sure that the product you are interested in is made using hemp or CBD oil, rather than hemp seed oil (which is a different thing altogether) you should also aim to select products that have received write-ups and reviews, as let’s face it–you don’t want to be a guinea pig or fall into the trap of buying a poor quality cream. Finally, check that the CBD is derived from plants grown in the US and conforms to current regulations.

Final Thoughts

CBD is infiltrating different markets more and more. When CBD first emerged into the mainstream it was usually only sold in oil form and soon after anecdotal success stories started coming to light, new CBD brands started reinventing the wheel by making CBD infused edible gummies, chocolate and skincare products. It has demonstrated its ability to contribute to overall well-being consistently over recent years and we are yet to hear of anyone experiencing serious side effects. CBD oil increases the production of anandamide that helps your body counteract inflammation, which is why your skin looks better and healthier after using CBD infused creams. 




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