The benefits of taking CBD are quickly becoming apparent these days. More and more people are turning to this alternative form of therapy for a number of reasons including the fact that CBD gummies taste really good and they are quite easy to get now. There is, however, confusion about how much CBD you can take. What kind of dosage should you adhere to, and is there such a thing as too much CBD?

What’s the Right CBD Dosage?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends. Many CBD edibles often come in 5 mg doses and, to inexperienced users, this is quite enough. However, the more you use these edibles, the lesser the effects tend to be, and the higher your dose will go. Most experienced users tend to go for the 10 mg CBD Gummies and consume 1 or 2 gummies a few times every day.

The problem with CBD dosages is that there is no standardized formula to follow. There is no recommended dose by the FDA, and every single individual is different. This means that finding the right dosage for you will require a bit of experimentation on your part. The typical process you would follow could look a little something like this:

  • Clearly define the benefits you hope to get from your CBD
  • Decide which type or form of CBD you like (the gummies are pretty good but so is our CBD Tincture)
  • Experiment with the chosen form of CBD
  • Manage your specific side effects (if any)

It will take a few tries to get the right dose for you, but the following guide should help you get there.

How to Determine the Right CBD Dose for You?

The first thing you need to know is that the optimum dose for each customer depends on a number of things:

  • Your body type
  • Your particular level of pain or that of the discomfort that you are looking to manage
  • Your CBD tolerance levels
  • Type of CBD product in use as well as its concentration

Here is a better explanation of the most important dosage considerations and why they matter:

CBD Concentration

The concentration or strength refers to the actual total amount of CBD found in the product that you bought. This concentration is often measured in milligrams (mg) and tends to range from 1 mg in gummies all the way up to 1500 mg in products such as CBD Tinctures.

What this means is that: if we take a 30 mL of CBD Tincture. This tincture will more often than not have about 1500 mg of CBD. The typical serving would be 1 mL per serving, which will contain about 50 mg of CBD. This means that every time you take that 1 mL serving, you are taking 50 mg of CBD and not the 1500 mg that exists in the bottle.

It’s easier to measure with CBD gummies that come in specific dosages. These CBD gummies, for example, are 10 mg. This means that each gummy has 10 mg in it and if you take the whole bottle at once, you will essentially be multiplying X number of gummies by 10 mg.

Body Weight

Like is the case with most things, your body weight will determine just how much CBD you will need to get the effect that you want. If you are a heavier person, you will generally need a higher dose for you to experience the kind of calming effect that CBD tends to have for most people. If you are lighter or smaller, you will generally feel the effects with a lower dose than someone who weighs much more than you.

Your Desired Effects

In most cases, you will find that it doesn’t matter what people tell you is the appropriate dosage; for many people, it always comes down to just how much pain or discomfort you are experiencing and how badly you want to remedy it. People with severe anxiety or chronic pain will probably need a higher dosage than someone who is just looking to medicate the fact that his mother-in-law will be staying with them for the weekend.

Your Level of Tolerance

Yes, you can develop a tolerance to CBD. The more you use it, the higher the dose you will need to get the same calming effect. With increased tolerance, you might even need to change the form of CBD to get the desired effect.

Working through Your Dosage Based on Your Body Weight

Although experiences vary, it’s often safe to start slowly. If you are new to CBD usage, you might want to consider using about 1 mg per 10 lbs. of your body weight. That is if you are using it several times through the day. If you are only doing it once in the morning and waiting till evening, then you should probably look at doing 1.5 mg or 2 mg for every 10 lbs. of body weight.

If you are going to be taking your dosage throughout the day, then there are some terminologies you need to be familiar with to determine how you will work up your dosage:

  • Daytime Initial Dose: this is the first dose you take on any of your days
  • Evening Initial Dose: this is your initial dose if the first dose of the day is in the evening
  • Pre-bed Dose: this is your initial dose if all you do is take CBD as you go to bed
  • Re-Dose: this is what you take once the effects of your initial dose wear off

Of all these terminologies, it’s the “re-dose” that you should pay close attention to. For the rest, you can determine using the method we have previously mentioned. Your re-dose should be at least an hour after you took the initial dose of your CBD gummies.

In all this, the important factor to remember is that it’s different for everyone and it will take a bit of experimenting to find what works best for you. This guide should help you with that and teach you how to manage your dosages over time.

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