When golfers get the yips, the phenomenon affects putting and chipping the most. Although they are most infamous for their uncanny ability to mess up a short putt, the yips can also throw off a drive or a chip shot too. By imposing uncontrollable jerks and shakes, there are few ways for golfers to avoid throwing off their shot when facing a tough bout of yips.

If you are a golfer, whether you consider yourself a seasoned vet or a rookie that’s fresh off the mini golf course, you need to know how to prepare yourself for fighting off the yips. After all, even professional golfers have had to walk away from the game thanks to particularly strong cases of the yips that have ruined their performance and disturbed their mental game.

Chipping yips is one of the worst kinds of yips. If you are prone to chipping yips, you need to read on to learn more about how you can reduce the impact of chipping yips and help restore your game to its best—especially the chip shot and swing.

Yips: More than Psychological?

What is Yips

Despite what some so-called experts might have you believe, yips is more than a psychological ailment. Rather, yips is equally a condition of the psyche as it is of the central and peripheral nervous system. In short, yips is a dreaded phenomenon in which golfers (and athletes in general) suffer from a flawed game due to tremors, jitters, shakes, or uncontrollable twitches.

For many golfers, no matter their level of experience, a bout of yips can be a super embarrassing experience. It is not uncommon to see high-level golfers suffering from the yips who simply walk off the course in frustration. Clearly, yips is an extremely psychological ailment that can affect anyone.

However, the yips has been proven to be more than just inside someone’s head. The shakes and tremors experienced by those with yips are real and are issues involving the entire nervous system.

What Is Chipping Yips?

What is chipping yips

Chipping yips is by far the most common form of yips. This is because chipping yips is a self-fulfilling cycle. For instance, imagine you are driving down the fairway and miss the green after shooting. As you approach your ball, you start to doubt your ability to accurately shoot the ball on target. Automatically, you question yourself and whether you have what it takes.

Instead of taking your time and properly visualizing your chip, you start panicking. Rather than feeling confident and secure about your abilities, your heart rate climbs, you start sweating and breathing deeply, and—next thing you know—you have blown your shot.

Focusing on the negatives before you take your shot is one surefire way to mess it up and cause a nasty bout of the yips. When it comes to chipping, few things are more important than fine-tuning. After all, chipping is a delicate art that involves finesse and soft hands.

Someone suffering from chipping yips might lose the natural feel for their shot and instead zero-in on the gross mechanics of making contact and eyeing out the distance between the club and the ball. While this may work for some, most great shooters find that a subconscious feeling for the chip and proper visualization is what is needed for a great, accurate shot.

The “Cure” for Yips

Cure for yips

When it comes to treating the yips, there are a few options available to you. However, not all options are equally proven to work to cure the yips. Ultimately, the yips are a predominantly psychological issue, which makes mental preparation a major part of curing yips. Here are some of our top tips to cure the yips:

  • Learn to let go of the tension in your mind so you can release nervous energy
  • Trust your subconscious and let instinct take over
  • Practice your shot according to a disciplined schedule
  • Distract yourself with other thoughts that will take your mind away from yipping

Yips are a consequence of performance anxiety. Over time, as you learn to release tension and let your instinct take over, chipping yips can be “cured” by regaining self-confidence. However, the truth is that there is no confirmed cure for the yips. Instead, there are only remedies and treatments that have been shown to benefit those suffering from yips.

Treating Yips with CBD

For those who want fast-acting treatment for chipping yips, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, might be right for you. These all-natural and organic compounds provide fast relief for yips symptoms without getting you buzzed or high. Instead, CBD helps mellow out the mind, settle the nerves, and relax the body without any intoxicating effects.

Chances are that CBD will not transform your stroke instantaneously. However, we have found that countless golfers have been able to improve their symptoms and find much-needed relief after taking a single dose of CBD. Sometimes, all it takes is a little confidence boost to help restore your game to where it once was.

For a simple fix, CBD can provide the all-natural solution you need without any pharmaceuticals or intoxicating drugs. Instead, CBD is a clean, legal, and safe solution for getting your game back on track.

CBD Products for Chipping Yips

CBD Cures Yips

At Sunday Scaries, we offer a host of affordable, legal, and great-tasting CBD products. For those who want a great-tasting CBD-infused treat, our CBD Gummies are the perfect stress-blasting snack. If you prefer a vegan product instead, our cruelty-free Vegan AF CBD Gummies have all the same ingredients without any gelatin.

Not a fan of gummies? CBD tincture provides an oil-based solution that is 100% vegan and formulated with added vitamins D3 and B12. If you want instant anxiety relief without having to bring gummies around, check out our CBD Tincture products.

Best of all, all Sunday Scaries CBD products include free shipping to all 50 US states. Plus, if you buy in bulk you can save up to 20% off your order. For more information, visit the Sunday Scaries store to find out more about how our all-natural CBD products can stave off the yips and improve your chipping game.

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