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MEET THE SQUAD: @cochranemily_

Why do you take Sunday Scaries?
I suffered from anxiety and depression for years. I went through a divorce and it shook me to the core. I have tried everything under the moon. One day I decided to give Sunday Scaries a shot. It changed my life. When I say it saved my life I seriously mean it. I’m that fun mom now, got my confidence and laughter back and have been completely off of my prescribed meds for months now. I’ve never felt better.

What time of day do you take Sunday Scaries?
I take my Sunday scaries or vegan af first time in the morning, around lunch if I’m anxious I’ll take the tincture and again at night for better sleep on the days I can’t sleep, I’ll use Big Spoon! Best sleep ever!

What are your favorite products?
My favorite is hard to narrow down! I would have to say the Unicorn Jerky and Vegan AF.

How many do you take at a time?
2 gummies in the morning 2 dropper fulls of Big Spoon at night and in between I’ll take some Unicorn Jerky or Tincture.

How long have you been taking Sunday Scaries?
Around 6 months!

Can you share one unique / funny time you were weirdly stressed-out / anxious and Sunday Scaries helped?
When I had to hop on a zoom with my team but forgot and so I was straight out of the shower, wet hair pjs and all so I popped some Sunday scaries and in 5 minutes I didn’t care what anyone thought hahaha

Super mom, girl boss, and total gem Emily Cochran is a new member of our squad, but it feels like she's been around with us since the beginning! Like most people, Emily had had her fair share of trials and tribulations in this life.

As she stated above, Emily's ultimate favorite Sunday Scaries product is Vegan AF, can you blame her? The sweet and sour gumdrops are perfect for dealing with her wily sons and being open about overcoming any frustration life throws her way. We are so thankful to have someone like Emily on our squad that embodies one of our company core values: Keep it 💯.

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