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Why do you both take Sunday Scaries?

We both feel like Sunday Scaries helps us stay chill and level headed during the day while dealing with a busy schedule and creating new content

What time of day do you take Sunday Scaries?

We take Sunday Scaries when we wake up each morning, and if we feel like we need more, we take another right before we live stream

What is your favorite Sunday Scaries product?

Vegan AF is our all-time favorite because we like the texture of them but Bra Bearies is a close second for their flavor!

How much Sunday Scaries do you take at a time?

We normally take 1 gummy at a time but have taken up to three in the course of a super stressful day. For us it all depends on the agenda for the day.

How long have you both been taking Sunday Scaries?

We placed our first order during the summer of 2019 and fell in love with the products and have been taking them ever since.

Can you share one unique/funny time they were weirdly stressed-out/anxious and Sunday Scaries helped?

Large crowds at video game conventions tend to stress Jen out, she took gummies in the morning one day and took a pouch of Unicorn Jerky with her. She ended up so relaxed that she was bragging about how amazing they are and was giving all our friends candies to help them with their stress. She then realized she had none left for the rest of the weekend. Luckily the rest of the weekend went really well and stress levels were down.

Jen and Eric are two of our favorite (and original!) Sunday Scaries squad members. They have been avid Sunday Scaries fans since 2019, and swear by our products!

Jen & Eric started as Mixer partners, but have grown their brand and content creation to being Twitch and YouTube partners. When they're not cosplaying as medieval dwarves or Fallout Mario and Princess Peach, they're going viral on TikTok and engaging their community with their hilarious live streams.

We're so stoked to be there for our squad whenever they need us. Don't worry, you're not alone!

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