As hideous as stress can feel when it comes on strong, to feel stressed is to feel that you are alive and experiencing every aspect of life. Despite how uncomfortable stress and anxiety can make you feel, it is this universal discomfort that makes up the perfectly imperfect experience of being human. Aside from draining your energy and making you feel too exhausted to even think, stress also contributes to the number of negative thoughts that you focus on and how they ultimately end up affecting your outlook on life and everything in-between.

Luckily there are several ways you can learn to cope with stress and fight back with healthy responses and this will ultimately help you to keep moving forward even when it seems like you are trying to achieve the impossible.  The most important and conveniently most simple way to manage stress is to indulge in some serious self-care both physically and mentally. You are as strong as you feel, which is why taking part in healthy and stimulating strategies to combat stress is the key to success.

Life is always going to be full of stressful situations and it’s all about how you respond to them. Responsibilities like family commitments, relationships, and work all carry their own amount of stress and more often than not, life seems to throw us problems all at once.  There is no reason and no excuse to just accept that stress affects you more than it does other people, therefore you just need to deal with it for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, taking time out for yourself is crucial to avoiding the burnout that could set you back for months. And the way you handle the stress in your life is far more important than the amount of stress you are experiencing.

Here are some tips to help you deal with stress better and maintain your chill.

Pop A CBD Gummy

If you feel like you need some help coping with the stress in your life, then CBD gummies can offer you the extra little slice of chill that you need to keep your head above water and feel loads better about the situation you are in. Thinking rationally and making decisions during times of stress are two of the most difficult tasks to complete and combined with bad sleeping habits, a complete breakdown could be on the cards if you don’t take action. CBD gummies are perfect for stress management, as they are fast-acting and long-lasting, so you won’t need to keep eating them just to stay Zen. CBD gummy brands are often formulated with stress and anxiety specifically in mind, so they will also be packed with other essential ingredients to help you relax.

Don’t Procrastinate.

Unless you are looking to add more stress to the stress you are already going through, then don’t keep putting things off until the last minute. Procrastination is one of the sneaky little side effects of stress that rears its ugly head when you need to focus most. Feeling unmotivated and mentally blocked is completely normal in stressful situations, but you have to push through the feelings of dread and just get things done. The more you can complete staying on schedule at work or life in general, the less stressed and overwhelmed you will feel.

Look for the positives in life.

When a challenge presents itself instead of taking it as a personal attack, see it as an opportunity to grow and learn. Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors, so you need to learn new ways of responding to negative or unexpected situations without becoming flustered and irrational. The next time something bad happens instead of asking yourself “why is this happening to me” try to figure out what you could learn from a particularly stressful situation.

Start winding down a couple of hours before bed

Insomnia is one of the common side effects of stress, so don’t be fooled into thinking that the harder you work and the more you do, the better you will sleep. When you are running on adrenaline at the end of a hard day at the office it’s important to give your body time to slowly unwind and settle into relaxation mode. Stress triggers all sort of hormones like cortisol to be released in the face of a perceived threat, so give your body to process the fact that the threat is now gone and it’s time for a hot bath and some TV before crawling between the sheets. CBD gummies are a great way to unwind as you can while away 10 minutes sucking them whilst closing your eyes and taking some deep breaths.


Certain types of physical activity that are cardio intensive like kickboxing or running are excellent ways to blow off excess steam. Loads of people seem to have certain epiphanies on what their next move should be in a stressful situation after a workout in the gym and at the very least, everyone leaves feeling better even if only for a short while. Activities like yoga and swimming can also be really helpful to just disconnect from your mind and focus on your breathing. Mindfulness-based stress reduction through exercise is a great way to release endorphins and reduce stress levels.

Stop eating crap

A poor diet often yields poor results and we aren’t just referring to weight gain. Eating processed and fatty foods might seem like a good option when you are short on time and there is a Burger King right around the corner, but it will only make matters worse. Your brain needs essential nutrients like Omega 3 and proteins to work properly, so eating a healthy and balanced diet will help you maintain mental clarity. Speaking of focusing and energy, CBD is thought to greatly improve energy levels and focus when taken in the morning–anecdotally at least.

Make lists.

When you are under pressure, you become forgetful and it becomes impossible to remember to do everything you need to. Write things down in order of priority so you can see it all on paper and start working through them. Even if you only manage to complete one or two things on the list each day, progress makes perfect and there is no feeling better than seeing every item crossed off and dealt with.



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