Let’s face it, we have all had that panic of realizing our weekend is about to come to an end. That gut-wrenching sense of dread that makes us want to throw the covers over ourselves and binge-watch our favorite Netflix series, in order to avoid our responsibilities. It’s real and it’s pretty darn dreadful.

Like many Americans, as soon as Sunday dinner wraps up, the anxiety kicks in. Our mind starts to unravel the amount of obligations we have coming at us in the upcoming week. Whether it’s a busy mom who has kids to get off to school, a business mogul who has conference calls to make, or a pre-med student with deadlines to make; we all have adult life waiting for us after our weekend is over.

Luckily, there are innovative and energetic people out there who want to help those of us who struggle with the Sunday Scaries. Just because the weekend is over doesn’t mean our week has to be full of stress over our many tasks. We are all busy and we want to have the best life possible, especially during the week when life tends to throw more obstacles our way.

Unpleasant Sense of Impending Doom

Is this how you describe your upcoming emotional state on Sunday evening? You’re not alone. In fact, at some time nearly 46% of all Americans will suffer from a psychiatric illness in their life. Anxiety is one of the top disorders Americans face. It is described as that unpleasant sense of dread due to upcoming events whether real or imagined.

Anxiety is the most commonly prescribed mental health disorder among young adults, especially women. Men have a higher chance of dealing with their anxiety through compulsive behaviors such as drinking. In the United States, it is reported that one in five U.S. adults suffers from some form and varying severity of mental illness.

With these statistics, it isn’t hard to believe that mental health is a big industry within the United States. Unfortunately, it is one of the most complex and hard to treat. Every person has a unique emotional state. Every person responds differently to a treatment. Because of this, some people tend to seek out alternative approaches to customize their own treatment.

Why the Sunday Scaries Happen

Most of us look forward to the weekend. It’s our time to kick back and relax. For the most part, we have no restraints as far as work or academic life is concerned. We go out with friends or just chill out in our pajamas at home. It’s the time we have to revitalize ourselves after a long work week.

It’s easy to shut off the part of our brain that tells us we have a schedule to keep. That nagging sense of impending deadlines or worry about appointments to make. We can really just let it all go for a few days. However, we do have to come back to it eventually.

This is where the Sunday Scaries come in. Those deadlines come around, the fact that you have to return to your 9-to-5, make it through traffic to get your kids where they need to be, and still be home in time for dinner. It can bring your carefree weekend to a crashing halt. Luckily, we have some secrets to helping you defeat those rotten Sunday Scaries and start your week off right and make you a pro at bouncing right back to that busy schedule.

Busy Moms

Moms (or Dads–whoever the primary caregiver is in your family) are one of the most under-appreciated people on the planet. We do so much for our family, our community, and all with not much left for ourselves. It can make coming back to the week an agonizing experience. Sally has ballet, Timmy has football practice, you have to get those letters mailed, remember to call the dentist, and make dinner for your family after it’s all said and done.

Let’s face it, moms are tired. They work hard with little time for themselves. Those Sunday Scaries can become really hairy if you don’t have all the energy you need to get things done. Sunday Scaries Gummies are a quick, easy, and enjoyable addition to the day. Adding benefits like coconut oil, vitamin b12 and d3 make these gummies stand out.

With less anxiety about how the week will start, moms can have confidence in knowing they are crushing it. Making it a moment to yourself can add just that extra step refreshing boost you need. It’s well known that women have higher instances of anxiety and depression. This is because our brains are hardwired for emotion. It is, after all, how we are able to nurture and care for an infant on little sleep for several months at a time.

Business Moguls

The business of Business can be very stressful. When you are at the top of your game in the business world, there are lots of people relying on you. They need your time, attention, and skills daily to perform and make your business successful. Many business moguls do have the perks of having luxury items to enjoy from time to time. This is what drives entrepreneurs to the business world. Who doesn’t want a second house in Malibu?

However, after that weekend getaway to your home away from home, those Sunday Scaries can creep back in and send even the most skilled executive into a panic. There are always new ideas and business connections to make. No one wants to go into a business meeting feeling like they’ve already been beaten down. CBD gummies have been known to help relieve stress for people like this. They can also invite a sense of positivity and calmness that can help any businessperson kill the competition during their weekly meeting.


It’s pretty common among academics to see students hunched over desks for hours on end studying for a final or working on a paper. More common, that students such as this have a hard time waking up to get to their next exam or class. When in reality, the students are just waiting for the weekend to come so they can attend that frat party they have heard everyone talk about all week.

Some students have trouble managing their time in order to account for the studying vs. socializing balance. When time management lacks–and procrastination prevails–there is a high level of stress to get everything completed on time so they don’t fail. Some studies suggest that there is a mental health crisis among university students.

With the rise of mental health among students, many universities have put in place mental health awareness and maintain it as a high priority for their students overall well being while enrolled. Seeking out resources available to you as a student and also looking to alternative natural sources such as CBD can help alleviate that moment of anxiety when the Sunday Scaries hit.

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