CBD Gummies, as delightful as they can be, don’t last forever. Most man-made products, if not all of them, have a shelf life: a window of time within which they are safe to use and at their most effective. CBD gummies and most CBD oil products for that matter, are not an exception to that rule. If you care for the quality of your stash, you need to learn the proper storage methods to keep your edibles and concentrates fresh.

This guide will help you prolong the shelf life of your CBD gummies and have you enjoying their wonderful effect and benefits for much longer.

Tips on How to Store Your CBD Gummies

Today, ordering your CBD gummies isn’t the problem. You can certainly do so in bulk and have them delivered right to your door. However, what do you do with the surplus goodies once they get there? You certainly can’t use it all at once! Neither can you have your friends over for a “going out of stock sale.”

What about your cupboard? Or maybe that shoebox under your bed? It certainly worked very well when it came to hiding your dirty magazines back in the day. But can it keep your stash fresh?

Risks Associated with Not Keeping Your CBD Gummies Properly Stored

Finding the right spot to store your gummies isn’t all about hiding it from your mooching friends, although that is a big part! It’s also about keeping them fresh, potent, and edible for as long as possible.

Here are some issues that could negatively affect that beautiful taste and exceptional quality of your gummies when you don’t store them properly:

  • They could get contaminated from…well, contaminants in the environment
  • You could get moisture and humidity in them, thus affecting their excellent taste and potency
  • Direct sunlight and excessive exposure could ruin them.
  • Bugs and other creepy-crawlies might decide to partake despite not being invited to do so.
  • Your stash could grow mildew or mold, thus completely ruining your life.

There is any number of ways that not properly storing your stash could cause your world to shatter into many different pieces. The worst of which is the fact that if you don’t properly store your gummies, they could end up going bad or getting ineffective in a matter of days.

How to Properly Store Your CBD Gummies

The first thing you need to know is that people have different preferences, and there are many different ways to keep your stash fresh and safe. This guide, however, covers the most common methods that have been tried and found to be true. The methods mentioned here will work for your CBD products in whatever form they may be. Depending on your storage method and product in question, you can actually keep your gummies fresh indefinitely (read: a very long time but not forever).

That being said, here are some of the best storage materials that have been found to work:

  • Airtight container: this works best for edibles. You can place the airtight container in your fridge for longer shelf life.
  • Aluminum foil or wax paper: if you must wrap your edibles in anything for storage, be sure it’s in aluminum foil or wax paper. Plastic tends to affect the taste.

The best way to store your CBD Gummies for longer shelf life is to keep them in an airtight container and far away from direct light, heat, and air since these elements tend to degrade your product.

Top Tips for Storage of CBD Gummies

The most important thing you need to remember when it comes to edibles such as gummies is that it’s the ingredients that go into making them that determine how long they can last and in what conditions. It’s always best to check the “best by” dates and instructions on how to store the product before you buy, use, or attempt to keep.

That being said, here are some common tips and best practices when it comes to storing your gummies and indeed, most other cannabinoids:

  • Try not to use transparent containers because your gummies tend to be negatively affected by exposure to light
  • Glass and silicone containers are often preferable to plastic bags. Plastic bags don’t do as good a job at keeping moisture out nor ensuring that the storage method is as airtight as possible
  • Never, ever store your cannabinoids in direct sunlight
  • If you are going to be wrapping your gummies or concentrates in parchment paper for long term storage, try not to use your naked hands as these could transfer different types of oils and bacteria on your product thus negatively interfering with their natural shelf life. Wear gloves.
  • Always check the “best by” date on your products before you use or store them
  • Try not to buy your products from questionable distributors. If you find that your gummies are being sold in a plastic bag or any other form of non-sealed container that doesn’t scream “pre-packed,” then be very wary of their freshness. You could be getting things from last year.
  • Your fridge is the perfect place to store your edibles, oils, and other cannabinoids. Just be sure to keep them away from children. Also, if you tend to open and close the fridge a lot, then maybe you should think of investing in a smaller bar fridge just for your edibles? This will help you keep them away from kids as well as keep them stored well without the temperature fluctuations that occur with the frequent opening and closing of the fridge.

Our CBD gummies are pre-packed and very fresh. That, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be careful when it comes to storage. That is a big part of ensuring that the product remains as fresh, as tasty and as effective as you like it.

Sticking to the basics works well: keep the product in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight and away from children. Also, always check the “best by” date to ensure that you are not busy trying to store things that have no shelf life, to begin with.

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