Yoga has been around for thousands of years, practiced by both yogis and wannabe yogis alike to attempt to connect the mind, body, and spirit. There are also a number of physical health benefits, including improving muscle strength, lowering blood pressure, increasing bone density, and increasing blood flow. But not everyone does yoga with these benefits in mind. In this stressful modern world, more and more people are practicing yoga to simply help themselves relax. Whether you want to relax your mind or body or free yourself from the effects of stress and anxiety, yoga can help. Let’s take a look at how CBD oil (Cannabidiol), one of more than 100 compounds found in the marijuana plant, can help you in your journey to relax your mind and body with yoga.

Yoga’s role in relaxation

Yoga’s role in relaxing the mind comes down to a few different factors. First, yoga produces oxytocin and endorphins, two important hormones in your body known for making you feel good. What you might not know is that they’re also essential for decreasing physical pain and eliminating stress. Yoga also produces melatonin which promotes a feeling of peace and serenity and helps regulate your body’s sleep cycle. Finally, yoga also has an edge on other forms of physical activity due in part to its emphasis on deep breathing. The diaphragmatic breathing used when practicing yoga helps regulate and control your body’s response to stress. It’s the combination of these three factors that makes yoga remarkable for mental relaxation and stress relief.

Yoga poses can soothe sore muscles through stretching as well as increasing blood flow and oxygen throughout your body. With yoga, relaxation comes from the learned ability to redirect your energy away from your pain. It allows your body to turn off its natural stress response and focus on growth, well-being, and healing. The idea is that focusing on these things will naturally alleviate your pain. Yoga’s role in the relaxation of your mind, body, and spirit comes from many different elements that all come together to bring serious relaxation.

CBD’s role in relaxation

There are many studies positively linking CBD to the improvement of stress and anxiety, improving your ability to chill out. Consuming CBD encourages your body to use its own endocannabinoids more efficiently. This means that CBD can improve your mood, memory, physical pain, and appetite by encouraging your body to communicate better via their cannabinoid receptors. CBD specifically affects your 5-HT1A receptors which are responsible for controlling serotonin levels both in your body and in your brain. The increased production of serotonin raises your body’s and brain’s natural abilities to relax and unwind.

Because CBD also interacts with the receptors in your brain connected to pain, CBD influences pain management by promoting painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects. The ability to manage pain, especially in those suffering from arthritis or chronic pain, plays a huge factor in whether or not your body is able to truly relax.

The combination of CBD and yoga

Combining CBD and yoga can be highly beneficial in a number of ways since they have similar effects on the mind and body. When it comes to stress relief, CBD and yoga work in perfect harmony because of their relaxing effects on the nervous system. Studies show that yoga significantly reduces the stress hormone cortisol while CBD naturally increases levels of serotonin, our “happy” hormone, making them work in perfect harmony with each other. Keep in mind that CBD does not give you the high effect that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) does, even though they are both a cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant. CBD has no psychoactive effects which make it the perfect enhancer to yoga’s natural stress-reducing effects.

Although practicing yoga is meant to steer your mind and body away from any physical pain, sometimes that’s not as easy as it sounds – especially if you’re not a long time, seasoned yogi. CBDs anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects help your body numb those aches and pains so you are able to focus on the various moves and stretches involved in your yoga session rather than focusing on the pain. It can actually help you improve at yoga and get even more benefits as you improve.

Because CBD can increase your awareness and focus, it can also help with the deep, diaphragmatic breathing that comes along with the practice of yoga. CBD can help you become more aware of your breathing, allowing you to focus on taking deep, soothing breaths that enhance yoga’s natural ability to relax your mind and body.

Taking CBD for relaxation during yoga

We recommend taking CBD about half an hour before you begin your yoga practice. You should notice immediate results. Placing CBD oil under your tongue is a quick way to get the effects as directly and as quickly as possible. We recommend using our CBD Tincture 20 to 30 minutes before yoga practice since that’s about how long it takes to get the best benefit. To receive the most benefits from CBD, we recommend allowing it to build up in your system for five to seven days. This is true for our daily CBD gummies, too, which makes sure that chill stays in your nervous system.

If you’re looking to reap the ultimate benefits of both CBD and yoga, we recommend trying them together. It’s important to remember that consuming CBD is not about making you high in any way, shape, or form. Taking CBD is about enhancing your body’s natural ability to do its job. Your yoga experience is enhanced so you can reap the true benefits that your body may not be allowing you to do on its own.

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