So you have decided to start taking CBD or cannabidiol-infused gummies! Depending on how much you know about CBD oil products, you may be asking yourself all sorts of questions — how do I start? Are they safe? Are they legal? How many can I take? What are the benefits of CBD? Never fear! We are here to answer all your questions, so consider this your ultimate guide to taking CBD-infused Gummies.

CBD and CBD oil products are making waves in today’s wellness industry, and it is certainly a hot topic. There are all sorts of CBD products popping up on the market, like CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, soft gels, balms, lotions, vaping CBD, even face-masks.  But it is more than just a trend. In fact, it is changing the face of natural and holistic methods for treating a wide range of public health issues that we see in today’s world.

Remind me: What is CBD?

CBD, which is short for Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that is extracted from hemp, a plant in the Cannabis family. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, which means it cannot get you high.

As a comparison, THC is the psychoactive compound that is very similar to CBD in structure but not in effect. THC is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is found in marijuana. THC is what causes people to get high when they use it recreationally.

Some CBD can be processed or harvested in a way that traces of THC can be found, but in our products, we use full-spectrum CBD, which means it has 0% THC.

Why should I use CBD Gummies?

CBD has been used for all sorts of things, which is why it is such a hot topic right now. It has been used medicinally to treat seizures, diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and much more. It has also been used to treat anxiety, calm mental health stressors, and has benefits that help sharpen focus, increase work ethic, and more.

Whether or not you have a specific reason to seek out the benefits of CBD, there are lots of general ways that CBD can improve your quality of life. Many people use these products to treat pain, anxiety, and depression or inflammation, help them sleep better, improve the quality of their skin, reduce nausea, regulate mood swings, or to aid wellness as a whole. Mentally, physically, or emotionally, CBD products can help make life less stressful with more health benefits.

What is in your gummies?

Our CBD Gummies are full of goodness. First of all, we use full-spectrum CBD, which means there are no traces of THC in our products — 0% whatsoever. Next, we also integrate Vitamin D3 and B12, which are known to help calm your nervous system and strengthen your immune system. Add a little coconut oil and organic stevia, and you’ve got a full and sweet gummy to give you a boost.

To make it even better, our gummies are allergen-friendly ingredients. We don’t use gluten, dairy, milk, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, or fish in our product. And if you have concerns about the type of gelatin that we use in the gummies, we also have a vegan-friendly option, so check out our Vegan AF CBD Gummies.

What makes your gummies better than others out on the market?

Fair question! What makes our product stand out is our commitment to the quality of ingredients that go into our gummies. In addition, we make sure that our CBD is grown from farms in the USA and that it is grown in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

How do I take them?

Well, our Gummies are meant to be chewed, swallowed, and thoroughly enjoyed. As you get used to them and try them out, you can decide for yourself when the best time of the day is to take them, and how many to take at a time depending on your desired effects.

What is the Dosage?

Each Gummy Bear contains a 10mg dose of CBD. We recommend, in general, to take 1-3 gummies as needed to get the desired effects. However, we also recommend checking with your doctor about how many to take depending on your purposes. Remember, we are not doctors, and you shouldn’t stop taking prescribed medication unless you’ve consulted with a doctor already. CBD products can be used to treat diagnosed medical issues, but we don’t recommend figuring this all out for yourself if you’re on other medication or know of diagnosed medical conditions like epilepsy, anxiety disorder, Parkinson’s disease, or chronic pain, wait to take our gummies until you talk to a doctor.

How long will it take me to feel the impact?

Some people report a change in as little as 20-30 minutes or taking a dose, while others say it takes mere minutes for them to feel a difference — usually more relaxed, calm, focused, and energized for the rest of the day. However, when you start taking them, it may take several days for you to feel the full effect of the Gummies as they build up in your body’s system. Take your time and be patient!

When should I take them?

Whenever you are headed into a situation that may cause you stress or anxiety, these are good moments to consider taking a few Gummies. As our name, Sunday Scaries suggests,  you might need to take a few on Sunday afternoon as you remember that Monday is right around the corner. They may be helpful to take before bed if you’re not sleeping well, or in the morning as you head into your 8 a.m. meeting in the office. You could take them right after Pilates class, before you pick your kids up from soccer, or right before dinner with the in-laws. (In fact, you might want to take two, just in case.) You may take them frequently, or, just when needed during the most high-stress seasons of your life.

Anything else I need to know?

CBD Gummies are a great, portable option when it comes to CBD products. They are tasty, easy to consume, and the results are clearly seen. Ultimately, we encourage our customers to do their research and to use discretion when determining dosage and usage. But most of all, we encourage our customers to get ready to have a great experience and kiss their Sunday Scaries goodbye.

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