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We all know that feeling. Getting into an elevator with other people and not knowing what to say. Then there's the awkward silence that follows. It leads to temporary anxiety, which no one wants a part of. Such a short trip, yet it seems like an eternity.

You can use this time to either keep to yourself by rocking some sunglasses or headphones, OR, you can use it as an opportunity to shine. 

Check out these 4 Ways To Break Elevator Silence so you can alleviate the awkwardness and have everyone trying to emulate you once they hear the ding.

1. Be almost obnoxiously (but genuinely) positive: Everyone loves optimism, especially when it's authentic. Many times elevator rides are the beginnings to a stressful day at a job you hate. This can ring true especially on Monday mornings.

Instead of being mopey and shrinking into a corner, bring the damn energy everyone is needing and craving! Start off by being loud and proud and saying things like: "Let's dominate this day people, we got this!" or "You know what today is my friends?! The best damn day of our lives!" 

It sounds super cheesy but unless the person is a complete scrooge everyone will get a kick out of it and bring their version of positivity. 

2. Give a descriptive compliment: Everyone, and I mean everyone, LOVES a good compliment. Especially if it's one that is detailed and specific to them. All this takes is your pair of eyes a little creativity. 

Glance up, down and around once you get in an elevator and get a feel for the riders. If you notice some shoes that you like, or a cool hat, go right in for the compliment kill and tell that person what you like about them. 

This usually leads to more conversation too. For example, "Those new Kevin Durant Nike's are super sick. I recently bought the Lebrons but was looking at those. Do you play ball around here? My friends and I are always looking for new players in our pickup games.

Boom, you have a new friend. 

3. Tell a joke to the whole crew: Deep down I know at some point in your life you wish you had the courage to do standup comedy (or maybe you've already tried it). Well, here's your time to shine with an unsuspecting, but open, audience. 

If you're not quick witted then this trick is meant for you, since you can preload jokes the night before. Make sure they are at least semi-appropriate since you don't know your audience. 

You can even start off by saying "Hey y'all, I have a funny joke that will brighten your day. Who wants to hear it?" Unless you're in a room full of stiffs you'll get a resounding yes. And if you are and they don't respond, who cares? YOLO.

4. Start singing a happy song and dancing in a funny manner: This one takes some serious moxie. In fact, maybe try 1-3 before this one unless you're born with a singing voice. 

But, this one is SURE to get a reaction. I mean who can hate on someone who is joyfully singing and dancing on en elevator. At the very least you'll spark laughter and probably them texting their best friend afterwards like "OMG, you have no idea what happened to me in the elevator just now." Regardless of the outcome, it will bring happiness. 

To get your own day started on the right foot, check out these 5 ways to smile so you can defeat anxiety and be in the right state of mind before the elevator ride. 

These are some amazing ways to alleviate anxiety, destroy awkwardness and promote laughter in a situation that normally gets taken for granted. 

Try these things and be the god or goddess of the elevator that walks out with a pep in their step, while also giving energy to the other riders so they can do the same. 

Happiness is contagious, pay it forward. 


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