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Worry can make it hard to focus, work, and enjoy life—including romantic partnerships. So, how can you get rid of anxiety in a relationship? Try these tips!

Sometimes, fear takes over. A situation, a job, and even that fundamental thing we all seek and usually gives us solace: our relationships with loved ones.

Whether or not that fear is rational or remotely reality-based makes no difference to someone in the middle of it. And when it comes to relationships, it can take on a variety of looks and have multiple impacts:

  • Sometimes the relationship is the source of anxiety!
  • Do they love me as much as I love them?
  • Will they leave me for someone else?
  • Do they still think I’m attractive?
  • Is this relationship …right?

    All of these thoughts are normal from time to time, even in the healthiest of relationships. But for some people, they can become all-consuming!

    Other worries can do a number on your relationship too. When people are in the throes of anxiety, it really does affect everything.

    They may focus on their fears to the exclusion of other things, including their partner’s wants and needs. It breaks down trust and makes communication harder, and may cause someone to send mixed signals.

    So while anxiety may be caused by work, family, friends, or world events (2020 was a doozy, amiright?), it can affect romantic bonds too.

    So, how can you get rid of anxiety in a relationship?

    Diagnosable anxiety can be severe enough to require therapy and possibly medical intervention. But many everyday worrisome episodes can be helped through easily accessible “home remedies.” And reducing stress and anxiety overall will cut the impact on your love life:

    1. Sweat it out!

    Working up a good sweat can ease anxiety. It burns extra energy, which makes it harder to spend that fuel stressing. Exercising creates all those feel-good chemicals in your body, distracts you from your worries, and reduces muscle tension.

    Getting outside in the sunshine can boost Vitamin D, which also affects mood. Even just a few minutes a day can make a difference. And who hasn’t felt a bit of relief from putting on some high-energy music and dancing around the living room!

    2. Eat your feelings… sort of

    Foods that are high in zinc, Vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B6, and magnesium may positively impact anxiety. Those nutrients all affect your nervous system and mood. Try loading up on wild salmon, dark, leafy greens, oysters, and avocados to reap the tasty health benefits.

    Eating a generally healthy diet with lots of veggies and fruit, lean protein, and whole grains should help with overall mental health.

    3. Talking through it is one strategy for how to get rid of anxiety in a relationship — but not talking through it to death

    Communication is key to the health of every relationship. But when people are operating through the lens of anxiety, they might be afraid to do it.

    “If she knows, she’ll think I’m crazy.”

    Give it a try. Shared emotions, met with empathy, can reduce anxiety. It’s important to share fears and worries with your partner but own them. Acknowledge that the problem might be bigger in your head and heart than in reality, and adjust if you can.

    The BEST partners aren't mind-readers! They can't help you if they don't know what's stressing you out. But don’t use your romantic partner as your therapist, either. That’s a fast way to kill the mood.

    And if you sense your partner is struggling and stressing, ask them about it. They may be afraid to open up first. Taking the first step will help them trust you and feel safer sharing their concerns. Do not take the anxiety personally. It’s really not all about you.

    Either way, don’t let every conversation become about the worry. That can’t be your only bonding material.

    4. Meditate on it

    Anxiety is fear and worry over things that may or may not happen. It’s borrowing trouble where none exists yet. The whole point of mindfulness meditation is to be in the moment; to pay attention to where you are RIGHT NOW.

    Mindfulness meditation reduces stress and anxiety by encouraging people to focus on what’s actually happening when the mind wants to invent “fake news” to focus on. It can help you choose how to respond when feelings get out of control and help slow down your reaction times.

    You can start meditating for as little as one minute and work up to more. They call it "practice" for a reason!

    A go-to tip to handle the routine Scaries

    Constant worry is a buzz kill. It robs the joy from your life and makes it harder to enjoy your romance. But the great news is that reducing your anxiety will make every aspect of the world better, including your love life.

    If you feel like anxiety is taking over your life, get thee to a professional who can help you through it!

    But if you simply have some everyday worries and could use a little help chilling out, CBD might do the trick.

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