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Monday, Monday, Monday... our biggest enemy. First and foremost, DO NOT let Monday get the best of you. What does that mean? That means do not let Monday be so overwhelming that it takes over your Sunday. 

Remember to live in the present and enjoy your freakin' weekend. Monday is always going to come, so you might as well live Sunday Scarefree.

That being said, Mondays do suck pretty hard. So we created this list of 5 Monday Hacks that will make it suck much less. In fact, you may even learn to love your enemy after practicing these tactics. 

Learn how to take your weekend back and dominate the week with these 5 Monday Hacks: 

1. Hit The Snooze Button: No, this does NOT mean to sleep in more. Although, if it's Sunday, do your thing. The Snooze button we're referring to here isn't on your alarm clock, it's the Gmail Snooze button. When you open an email in Gmail just click the clock icon. From there, you can actually pick the date and time you want to address it. This can make the tsunami of emails on Monday look like a small ripple in a lake. 

2. Rock Out To A Pump Up Song: Mondays are only morose if you let them be. While Monday is a gloomy enemy, you have the power to make it your little bitch. Instead of waking up mopey, plan to play your number one pump up song and play it loud af. Some of our favorite suggestions are: Survivor - Eye of the Tiger, Eminem - Till I Collapse & Katy Perry - Roar. 

3. Build an Eisenhower Matrix: This presidential-style technique helps you prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. Get out a piece of paper and create a grid with four quadrants: 1. Urgent & Important. 2. Important & Not Urgent. 3. Urgent & Not Important. 4. Not Important & Not Urgent. Categorize your tasks and then concentrate on the Urgent & Important ones first.  

4. Use The Pomodoro Technique: This is literally a top secret game changer. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that breaks down your work into intervals. Since all the tasks on Monday seem super daunting and unattainable (like being at the base of a huge mountain), set a timer for 30 minutes and work on the single task with complete focus. Then take a short 5 minute break and move on to a different task. After completing 4 intervals, take a longer 15 minute break. This makes your workload manageable (like hiking portions of a trail on the way up to a mountain).

5. Make Monday A Celebration: You know who really nailed this? The NFL and The Bachelor. They understood that people needed an excuse to get hyped up for Monday evenings. What's better than popping open a can of beer while listening to the "Heavy Action" opening theme song by Johnny Pearson? Or crowding around a big screen with your besties while sharing a bottle of fine Pinot, guessing who will get the rose? Nada. 

Try these 5 Hacks on Monday and we guarantee that you'll live your Sundays more Scarefree and that Monday will go from being a pitbull-type day to a chihuahua-type day. 

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