The energy doldrums are a dastardly thing. But here are 7 all-natural energy boosters that can restart your engine to win the rat-race.

Do you start your day revved up and ready to go, only to get walloped by that dreaded mid-afternoon slump? Do you lose your drive—and maybe even your will to stay awake—after lunch? The 3 p.m. slump is a common thing, but the boss might frown at rolling out a little blue plastic nap mat on the floor.

We have some good news, however. There are lots of ways to reignite your engine and stay at your best, all day, every day. And you don’t have to pound some energy shots filled with questionable chemicals to do it.

Try these all-natural energy boosters to get back into the zone:

1. Shake your groove thing

Newton’s First Law of Motion says it best: "A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion.”

Getting up to move every hour or so throughout the day helps keep your metabolism higher and energy levels up. If you need assistance remembering to do that, apps and wearables like the Fitbit and the Apple Watch can buzz you when you need to change positions. Moving every hour is especially good for sedentary desk workers.

While taking that movement break, get a change of scenery if you can. Walk around your office building or take a stroll around the block. Getting fresh air can be an instant lift!

2. Hydrate! Water is one of the most natural all-natural energy boosters

Our bodies are about 50 to 60% water. And replenishing that fluid through regular, consistent hydration helps fight fatigue. It carries the nutrients our cells need and carries away waste. When our reservoirs are low, it’s harder for the organs to do their **** jobs, and we get tired and sluggish.

Although standard consumption of caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea won’t dehydrate your body, it’s important to drink lots of water and other decaffeinated beverages. If you don’t like plain water, add a squeeze of lemon juice or invest in an infuser bottle that will let you steep flavor boosters like strawberries, cucumber slices, and mint leaves in your H2O!

As with staying on top of some hourly movement, your phone can be your friend when it comes to drinking enough water.

3. Eat, soak in, or supplement what you’re missing

Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron, and various other vitamins and minerals contribute to high energy levels. And sadly, a LOT of modern humans are deficient in them. Check with your doctor—simple blood tests can tell you if your levels are safe!

If they're not, focus on eating foods, getting sunshine, or (a last resort if you’re going for ALL-natural) taking supplements that get the right vitamins and nutrients into your system.

4. Take a deep breath.

Deep breathing adds a rush of oxygen to your bloodstream, helping you feel more awake and ready to go. At the same time that extra O2 offers you a boost of energy, it can also help reduce stress. And it costs absolutely nothing!

5. Declutter your space

In the last few years, many people have asked, “Does this bring me joy?” at some point. But decluttering doesn’t have to mean going full-on Marie Kondo.

Small tasks like tidying up the piles on your countertops, putting clean laundry away, and going through the mail can reduce your stress. That, in turn, may boost your energy!

6. Get “scentual.”

Did you know that some scents are naturally invigorating? It’s true! Rosemary, mint, and citrus are all reported to increase good mood and boost energy.

Products abound online and in retail stores that can help you incorporate essential oils into your everyday routine. Diffusers can help fragrance any space! Roll-ons and lotions let you put essential oils directly on your skin.

Companies create blends of different oils designed for specific purposes: uplift, sleep, revive, focus, relax and calm. You can make your own blends, too, combining whatever strikes your fancy with some distilled water or a neutral oil like almond.

7. Get enough ZZZZZs

It sounds (and is) pretty obvious but getting enough of the right kind of sleep is critical to having high energy levels all day long. And not enough people are doing it! The lack of quality sleep affects productivity and actually costs American employers almost $2,000 per employee each year.

If you’re stressed and have a hard time “turning off” to relax and rest, there are some tricks that can help:

  • Diffuse essential oils like lavender and frankincense in your bedroom
  • Stop using devices an hour before bedtime
  • Turn down the temp in your bedroom
  • Avoid caffeine after noon
  • Practice mindfulness meditation
  • Eat dinner earlier

All-natural energy boosters can carry you through the day. But when it’s time to chill …

There’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning—or three. But if caffeine doesn’t sit well with you or coffee stops working, the all-natural energy boosters above can make a difference.

But what about when you need some straight-up chill? Or help concentrating on what matters?

This is where incorporating quality CBD products into your daily routine can help. Sunday Scaries provides the best CBD, sourced from local Colorado farms. It’s available in candy, gummies, or oil, and you can subscribe to a package to get 20% off, plus free shipping!