Don’t freak out and hug your steaks goodbye just yet — plant-forward isn’t plants only

Some people hear the word "plant" in a diet's name, and they flip their s***, amIright? Well, those folks can chill out. A plant-forward diet doesn’t mean totally giving up burgers and bacon. It just means that focusing on putting more veggies on a plate rather than meat is good for your body (and the planet).

Meat may be part of the performance, but it’s not the main attraction—no longer the star of the show. It’s like that old theater major who graduated a long time ago, but they keep showing up to all the performances to cheer on the new ensemble.

But you love your meat, you say. So, why would we suggest something so heinous? Well, the health benefits, duh!

Keeps your ticker tickin’

You don’t have to be old to worry about heart health. You may have the heart of a raging stallion now, but at some point, all that meat is gonna catch up with you. And it may just sucker-punch you right in the ole ticker.

You can avoid said sucker-punch by working on cutting down on the amount of meat you eat. Doing so can benefit your body in many ways, including lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and less chance of stroke and heart disease.

Of course, don’t fall into the trap of eating “plant-based” options that are terrible for you. There are a lot of products on the market that say they’re vegan, but they’re no better than jamming a tub of lard down your gullet.

A plant-forward diet makes your blood more hemoglobin and less sugar goblin

If sticking yourself with needles several times a day doesn’t sound like something you want to do for the rest of your life, then you’ll be happy to know a plant-forward diet reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

While increased weight isn’t the only way to develop diabetes, it is one cause. We’ve already explored how cutting down on the moo-cow on your plate can cut down on the moo-cow in your jeans. And one huge side effect of that weight loss is reducing the risk of diabetes.

More veggies, less risk of some cancers

We were going to do a fun title for this point, but there’s nothing humorous about cancer. At all. The good news is that while many things can cause cancer, there are also a lot of ways to lower the odds of getting it.

One cancer risk is meat intake.

Granted, many researchers believe the issue arises more from how the meat is cooked — as well as whether it’s red or processed. When you char, grill, or cook meat on levels of heat similar to those found in hell, you’re introducing unhealthy chemicals.

Still, there’s a suggestion that eating a lot of meat — again, especially the red or processed kinds — may still influence cancer, no matter how it’s cooked. And eating a plant-forward diet helps reduce this risk.

Plant-forward diets help the gray matter in your noggin keep firing

Mental health and cognitive function may not be among the first things many people think of when it comes to being healthy, though they should be. As we age, our cognitive function declines, and, as it turns out, meat may play a role in kicking the brain down that long, lonely highway.

If you want a better chance of remembering where you put your glasses when they’re still on your face, you might consider trying a plant-forward diet. While it won’t stop you from making terrible life choices, it might help you remember those terrible decisions a lot better when you’re older.

Perfect! Just what you wanted, right?

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