What Are The Golf Yips?

The "yips" are the WORST. The yips are a state of anxiousness that causes a golfer to miss an easy putt. It's important to get rid of the yips or they will certainly ruin your whole golf day.

One mental distraction, slight twitch, or jerk of nervousness can send your ball into the pond instead of the cup.

Imagine perfecting your drive, your iron-game, your chipping-game and then blowing an easy putt. It's INFURIATING.

You've spent so much time, money & practice into improving your handicap... but at the end of the day, your 'yipped-up' scorecard will still look like it did last year (super-disappointing).

Getting Yips Off The Green

What's worse? Although the "yips" are most infamous for their uncanny association with messing up a short putt, they can also creep into your drive and chipping game too.

Ever try teeing off in front of a crowd of people? What about a busy snack bar at The Turn? It's almost worse than trying to parallel park in front of a busy restaurant. You've only got one shot...

Whether you consider yourself the Clubhouse Champ or haven't played outside of a mini putt-putt course, the yips can actually creep into any part of your game.

Fortunately, there are few ways for golfers to avoid throwing off their shot when facing a tough bout of yips.

Are The Yips Just Psychological?

Nope! Despite what experts might have you believe, the golf yips are more than just a psychological issue.

The yips are equally a condition of your psyche and your central nervous system. In addition to over-thinking, the physical manifestations of the yips can include symptoms like: tremors, jitters, shakes, or uncontrollable twitches.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common physical symptom of the yips is a twitching wrist. What's more: this annoying phenomenon is actually more closely associated with experienced golfers.

It sucks, but apparently the more golf you play, the more prone you are to the yips. And... the more you're going to care about it.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Golf Yips

Here are 5 expert suggestions for treating and getting rid of the yips:

  1. Step Back, Shake Out Your Arms & Reset:If, for even a few seconds, you're standing in one specific position trying to get the perfect form and angle, you've probably already over-thought the shot & have already made unnatural adjustments. Take a moment to reset yourself.
  2. Learn How To Focus Better In Order To Calm Your Mind: focus on the tiniest spot you can find on the course or near the back of the cup. Spending so much effort on isolating a specific spot will help calm your mind. Plus, "aim small, miss small" isn't a myth.
  3. Imagine You're Still At The Driving Range: this is particularly useful when the yips are disrupting your driving or chipping-game. What happened, right? You hit a bucket of balls perfectly before the round, but now you've lost your touch. Instead of focusing on the traps, the hazards or the last shot, close your eyes for a second and imagine you're still just aiming at the blue, 150-yard post again. No pressure.
  4. Take A Stretch: Instead of pounding a White Claw or puffing a cigar while the rest of your group tees-off, stretchhhhhhhhhhh. Stretching improves blood flow and will reduce the tension & tightness in your muscles. You many not realize it, but when you're cringing maintain the proper form, you're also locking up your muscles. Give them a break and they'll give you one too.
  5. Take CBD: Not only canCBDhelp reduce tension in your muscles by helping with inflammation, but CBD can also help calm your racing mind. Since golf yips are half psychological, it's also important to have a clear mind instead of a traffic jam of thoughts in your head.

The PGA's Stance On CBD

The PGA allows CBD! According to Andy Levinson, the senior vice president of PGA tournament administration, CBD falls under the same category as permitted supplements.

However the PGA has released numerous statements regarding how important it is to buy CBD from trusted, well-established and tested brands. Many CBD products are not reliable, not 3rd party tested and may contain THC, which is still a banned substance in the PGA.

The move to allow CBD in the PGA came after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its banned substance list last year. WADA is the foremost agency that regulates olympic athletes.

CBD has already started to become popular among professional golfers like Scott McCarron, Bubba Watson, David Toms, Vaughn Taylor, DJ Trahan, Kenny Perry, Tom Kite and Scott Piercy (to name a few!).

Treating The Golf Yips With CBD

For those who want fast-acting treatment for yips, CBD might be right for you. CBD's all-natural composition provides fast relief for yips symptoms without getting you buzzed or high.

Instead, CBD can help mellow out the mind, settle the nerves and relax the body without any intoxicating effects.

Article: What Does CBD Feel Like?

While CBD isn't the cure-all for your golf game, it can certainly help give you a chilled-out, competitive-edge.

Countless golfers have already been able to improve their yips symptoms & have found much-needed relief after taking a single dose of CBD. Sometimes, all it takes is a little confidence boost to help restore your game to where it once was or help you improve to where you want to be.

In 2019, pro golfer Scott McCarron literally said that CBD oil helped him win a professional tournament!!!

5 Reasons Why Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Is Best

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  3. Sunday Scaries Has Been Around For 3+ years:While 3+ years may not seem like a long time, most CBD companies were launched in the past 12-18 months. Sunday Scaries is considered a leading CBD brand and thought leader, and its founders have been featured in numerous, respected publications. Most recently:Entrepreneur.
  4. Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Is All-Natural & Enriched With Vitamins:Sunday Scaries CBD Oilis all-natural, GMO-free, pesticide-free and enriched with coconut oil, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12. Coconut oil is known to improve brain function, Vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin) is known to elevate mood and Vitamin B12 is known to support positive energy.***
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DON'T LET THE YIPS ADD STROKED TO YOUR GOLF GAME! Golfing is hard & frustrating enough on its own!