Have you ever had a hangover so bad and not known what to do about it?

If that is the case, then some CBD might help with the headache, nausea, and dizziness often associated with that morning hangover. Additionally, it could even help you save a few brain cells while drinking as too much alcohol can actually kill brain cells.

Indeed, alcohol has some nasty side effects besides a temporary morning hangover. Some of these include liver damage and brain damage. It has other temporary negative side effects, such as cognitive and physical impairment, but the brain damage and liver damage are the two most critical organs that alcohol permanently damages.

This article will primarily focus on how CBD can help you quickly recover from that morning hangover. The article will also cover what exactly causes the mysterious hangover. It will also discuss how CBD can help treat alcohol poisoning and could potentially save your brain cells.


What exactly is a hangover?

Hangover is just a term used to describe the symptoms that occur the morning after drinking too much alcohol. These symptoms always include a headache and nausea. Sometimes drowsiness and dizziness occur during a hangover. The symptoms really just depend on the person. Some lucky people can drink all they want, and they will never get a hangover. For everyone else, CBD can help cure that nasty hangover.

Hangover symptoms do not occur immediately after drinking. Instead, they usually appear the morning after a night of heavy drinking. This delayed response can make the symptoms even worse as people will drink more because they never feel the symptoms.

As inevitable as a hangover sounds, there are some things you can do while drinking to prevent a hangover that will be discussed in the next section.


What causes a hangover?

Low blood sugar and dehydration cause the symptoms typically associated with a hangover. Drinking too much alcohol naturally causes dehydration and low blood sugar. You might wonder why alcohol has those effects on the body. Well, here is why.

The dehydrating effects of alcohol occur because alcohol is a diuretic. In other words, drinking alcohol will make you urinate more frequently. Unless you drink water, you can face severe dehydration from drinking too much alcohol. Most intoxicated people make the mistake of drinking more alcohol to cure their thirst, which only compounds the dehydration issue.

Low blood sugar is one of the effects of alcohol that only diabetics probably know about. In a nutshell, the body treats alcohol as a poison, which causes the liver to work hard to remove the alcohol (poison) from the blood. This also causes the body to release insulin, which reduces the blood sugar. Again, more alcohol consumption will only compound the symptoms of the hangover in the morning.

These two side effects of alcohol can be mitigated to reduce the effects of a hangover in the morning. The most common way to do this involves drinking water while drinking alcohol. This prevents dehydration and can usually stop a hangover. However, no one wants to drink water while having fun and drinking alcohol.

You can also consume CBD while drinking alcohol. CBD has no psychoactive effects, so the typically disastrous results from smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol are eliminated. CBD also has similar effects as Tylenol, but CBD has no lethal effects when consumed in conjunction with alcohol like Tylenol does.


CBD Helps with a Hangover

CBD can help with the individual symptoms of a hangover such as a headache, nausea, and dizziness. CBD works especially great for curing headaches because it reduces inflammation, which causes headaches. This means you do not have to carry around a water bottle while drinking alcohol. Just take some CBD in the morning to help cure the hangover symptoms.

The CBD gummies from Sunday Scaries work even better for curing a hangover because the sugar provides a small boost to your blood sugar levels. This sugar boost makes them preferable for hangovers than over the counter medication. Not to mention that over the counter medication has a wide array of different negative side effects.

All in all, drinking a big glass of water and some CBD gummies might help cure your hangover. Water will stop you from getting dehydrated. Additionally, the CBD gummies will add some much-needed sugar to boost your blood sugar levels. CBD in the gummies will also do a fantastic job reducing inflammation and stopping any nausea.


CBD Mitigates Alcohol Toxicity

Researchers actually conducted a study on lab rats to determine if CBD could reduce the effects of alcohol (alcohol toxicity). The results were shocking those unfamiliar with CBD. Those familiar with CBD are already well aware of the many great benefits.

First, some of the rats died because the researchers gave them too much alcohol, which caused a loss of brain cells and fatal seizures. The shocking part of this is that the rats that received CBD while intoxicated lost 50% fewer brain cells and survived. This shows that CBD affects mitigating the risks of alcohol toxicity and poisoning.

Unfortunately, this will not necessarily help with curing a pounding hangover headache in the morning, but it might stop the symptoms in the current moment.

This makes CBD a great choice for not only curing a hangover after drinking but also to take while drinking. Gummies work especially well if you have drunk too much alcohol and have a headache while intoxicated.


Final Thoughts on CBD for Hangovers

In short, CBD gummies make an excellent choice for stopping the symptoms of a hangover. You can easily eat two or three gummies, and it will likely cure your headache, stop your nausea, and stop your dizziness. Even better, CBD gummies can reduce the effects of alcohol poisoning while drinking alcohol.

They may also help alleviate a headache that you get while drinking alcohol. This just depends on the person as each person reacts a little differently to alcohol and CBD.