Working with a little passion and purpose can help you go from WTF to chill AF, doing the same job!

Sometimes it seems like we’re all going to work until they put the last nail in our coffin. We can stress about it day-in and day-out—which will, notably, make our end come quicker. Or we can learn to enjoy what we’re doing as much as possible—and figuring out your purpose at work is one way to do it.

When you’re going over the same accounts, training the same people, or dealing with the same Karens at checkout, it can be pretty hard to love what you're doing. But what's the alternative?

Hating your job and hating your work snowballs into animosity for life that’s super hard to kick once it sets in. You can always change jobs—and that can be a smart option! But sometimes, the position we hate is the one we fought hard to get.

It's worse when your dream job turns into a struggle because then you start questioning everything. Why did you fight so hard to get where you are? Was it all for nothing?

Slow those Scaries down, partner. Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders. Now, repeat after me: a lousy mindset ensures the job will be bad.

Let’s work on that, shall we?

Understand your impact to start working with passion and purpose

Everything we do in life has an impact of one kind or another. Often, the attention we pay to the tasks we do determines the level of that impact.

If you’re just going through the motions to get tasks done, then things can slip through the cracks. If you’re distracted while you’re working, then the work suffers. The time and attention you put into the work determines the level of quality.

Take out a pen and paper. Okay, never mind—we aren’t savages. Open a new tab in your notebook and type out some of the most mundane things you do at work.

Now, list why you do those things. Make notes on why it’s necessary to do them well and what positive impact they will have on a customer or client. That work—doing that task well—that’s the impact you can have.

And often, it’s a lot of power to make someone happy. Pretty cool, huh?

Love the people you work with to find purpose

There are some people you work with that you probably wouldn’t want to share a beer with—but there are likely others that make work worth showing up for. The people you work with really do make the workplace better or worse.

If you work in a location where you don’t communicate much with those around you, go out of your way to say something nice, brighten someone’s day, or greet them, so they know they're noticed. Making someone else happy tends to elevate our mood, as well.

Try sitting with someone during lunch that you don’t know and strike up a conversation. It could be the chat they need, and it might start a great connection that you’ll cherish inside and outside the office.

The bottom line is that you probably work with some people who can enrich your life. You just have to reach out and get to know the folks you're surrounded by. And if the job does, indeed, genuinely suck, there’s no greater bonding experience than a little shared misery!

Your purpose at work starts with understanding why you’re working

It’s okay if you’re just doing the work for money; we all have to get by. But odds are, there’s more behind working for money than just a paycheck. You’re putting that money to work for a reason.

Maybe you’re supporting a loved one; perhaps you have a child who really wants to bust a move at the local dance studio. There’s a goal behind why you show up to your 9-5 every day. Think of that motivation and let it carry you through the day, realizing that every hour gets you closer to the objective.

Don’t let the routine of the day let you lose sight of that. And don't let something unpleasant, like the nervous jitters of a meeting, set the tone of your work.

Make progress you can see

Ah, the good ol’ to-do list. How wonderful does it feel to check things off one at a time and see the progress you’re making?

Before you get started with your day, jot down the things you want to tackle. List these tasks from the most important to the most menial. When we’re first at work, our energy is high because the day hasn’t humbled us yet—and the Scaries are a little quieter. This is the prime time to do those tasks that require the most thought and attention. Make sure the more energy-using items are closer to the top.

Then, it’s simple. Do the work, and check it off. Seeing those tasks getting done will help motivate you to tackle more.

This checklist also helps another way: time management. It allows you to plan your day and allot time for the tasks you need to work on. It enables you to figure what's realistic and what's not.

If you're not planning your time accordingly, then you're setting yourself up for a lot of negative self-talk as to why you couldn't accomplish all you set out to do.

Try CBD tincture or gummies to chill TF out

We get it. Some of these things take time to master, and some of them can’t stop that existential dread that creeps up on all of us. And hey, maybe your job is simply stressful or crappy, and that’s unlikely to change until you get a new one. But you need to stick with it, for now.

Here’s what I do when facing the prospect of an unpleasant task at work: before you head down that long, dark hallway, drop a little bit of CBD to quiet the scaries.

A tasty little CBD tincture under the tongue can help you shrug off the nagging pit in your stomach and decompress before tackling a job. It's amazing how just taking the edge off the day can help achieve a little meaning in your work—or the patience and perspective to see it as less of a challenge.

If you’re ready to unwind a little and approach each day with less worry and more composure, give some Sunday Scaries a try. And if you subscribe to a package, we’ll give you 20% off and free shipping to your door!