Little 10-minute workouts are a great way of getting in a lot of exercise. Because seriously, who always has time for a couple of hours in the gym?

You’ve probably seen them during your lunchtime trip to your favorite taco truck: Self-proclaimed gym rats who are so devoted to getting their sweat on that they’re hitting a fitness class during the midday work break.

These dedicated folks are the same ones who post 4 a.m. #nodaysoff Insta stories from the gym. They run marathons on Saturday and then get up on Sunday for a sunrise yoga sesh. Who are these people?

Well, good for them—you have to admire the dedication. But if you’re like me, a 90-minute sweat session during work isn’t always possible. Here’s the thing: You still want to work out. After all, the health benefits are undeniably great—more energy, better productivity, less anxiety, and possibly a wardrobe of neon spandex clothes.

Soooo… you want to work out, but you don’t always have the time to commit to hitting the gym every single day. What do you do?

One of these 10-minute workouts.

These are perfect for your morning routine, your lunch break, your after-work, pre-happy hour vibe, or any other time when you have 600 seconds to spare (and come on, I see you scrolling Twitter, I know you’ve got 10 minutes.). Most of the workouts don’t call for any equipment at all, and some don’t even require you to change into actual workout clothes. Though if you still want to rock the spandex, I don’t blame you.


HIIT—aka “High-Intensity Interval Training”—can feel kinda torturous, which is why limiting it to 10 minutes is kinda awesome. You get the fantastic metabolism-boosting benefits of HIIT in a very condensed package.

There are a variety of these workouts, but here’s a typical one. Alternate with 45 seconds of: burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, lunges, planks, push-ups, sit-ups, and high knees with 15-30 seconds of rest in between each cycle (these times can be adjusted a bit). Sure, everyone hates burpees. But few things hit as many body parts as they do. And they’ll be over quick, I promise.

2. Yoga

Need a quick de-stress moment? Close that door in hit the mat… or the carpet if you're in an office. Start in tabletop position and alternate between cat and cow, downward dog, then move onto warrior one and warrior two. Mix in a forward fold and end in child's pose.

My favorite thing about this one? You won’t get super sweaty before that big presentation.

3. Pilates

Think of this workout as a slightly more intense alternative to 10 minutes of midday yoga. Give your core a workout by doing 15 reps of side planks, kneeling rear leg raises, tabletop with lifted leg, and back bow. Finish with the Pilates hundred (on your back, shoulders and head raised, legs extended, while pumping your arms at your sides).

4. A 10-minute workout on one muscle group

You, too can be one of those people who is like, “Sup. Today is leg day.” Just devote 10 minutes of each day to one muscle group.

For ab day, do ab exercises for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds of rest in between. Some great ab exercises include v-ups, planks, sit-ups, and around the worlds.

For arms, grab some medium-weight dumbbells and do 10 minutes of hammer curls, dumbbell rows, overhead presses, triceps kickbacks, and bent over rows.

For legs, alternate with step-up knee lifts, speed skaters, reverse lunges, curtsy lunges, and side-kicks.

5. Cardio—the ol’ standby

Oh, cardio. You love to hate it, and sometimes you just hate it. But you're never bummed once you've done it. Cardio is such an incredible mood and energy booster. Don't think of it as a punishment (Why do we often view working out this way? It should be fun!)—think of it as that magical thing that puts you in a better mood.

You can do 10 minutes of star jumps, burpees, squat thrusts, and high knees right in your office or your apartment, or you can go for a quick run or power walk. The extra benefits of sunshine and fresh air will make the experience even better.

Stuck on getting started with 10-minute workouts—or any workouts?

Whether you’re a lifetime devotee of fitness or a newbie, we all can use a helping hand with perfecting our form and finding the best resources to make working out part of the daily grind. For pointers, look to YouTube for 10-minute workouts (seriously, there are probably thousands), or pop in some headphones and opt for an audio guide.

You can also refer to this handy guide of workout GIFs to visualize what just about every popular workout move looks like. You'll be a pro in no time.

Once you’ve got your 10-minute workout plan established, you might find that you need a little help focusing, given all that’s going on, or due to some pre-workout anxiety. That’s where CBD gummies come in (there are other CBD products, too, if you’re not sold on adorable, delicious candy).

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