If you’re an adult, then you know stress. What you may not be familiar with are these tricks to help your brain and body feel more relaxed, even in the midst of chaos.

Everyday life can be stressful. Maybe your struggles are no more difficult than those of others, but you’re still tired of the tension. Here are 5 quick anti-stress tools you can do almost anywhere to relieve some of that unwanted pressure:

1. De-stress with breathing and mantra

Breathing is fundamental, obviously. But how often have you found yourself holding your breath and waiting for the tension to leave your shoulders—and it never does.

Next time that happens to you, try this instead: abdominal breathing. It’s something you can do anywhere! Put one hand on your chest and the other on your belly; then take a deep breath through your nose, feel your lungs stretch, and exhale. Repeat it 6–10 times for about 10 minutes. Doing this whenever you feel stressed can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, making you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Mantras can also be therapeutic during stressful situations, and they can be combined with deep breathing exercises. Mantras are short phrases (or even single words) you say either quietly or in your head whenever you have an unwanted feeling (being overwhelmed, having anxiety, etc.).

An example: say to yourself, “With every breath, I feel myself relaxing.” When this is combined with your breathing exercise, you may feel de-stressed in fewer than 10 minutes. As with most things, the more you practice, the more effective mantras and breathing will become!

2. Talk to (the right) people

Interact with a human—preferably face to face and definitely not by scrolling through social media. Having a person you can call-up and say, "Hey, can I vent to you for a minute?" has been scientifically proven to make you feel less stressed.

Complaining to a confidant can help you process your feelings and make you feel “heard,” which lowers stress levels. It can also help you bond with that person, especially if they are going through the same scenario or have been through something similar—and you will both feel validated!

Basically, keeping stress locked inside will one day cause an explosion. Letting it out now and then is much healthier. And as long as it’s not the only thing you talk about, no one will label you as a “complainer.” After all, we’re all in this boat together.

3. Laugh!

We don’t mean adding LOL to the end of your text messages. We want you to de-stress by literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

Laughing is incredibly healthy for you, body, and soul. It relaxes your muscles, lowers your blood pressure, and relieves physical tension from your body. Simply put, it makes you feel good. When you laugh, you breathe in more air, which stimulates your muscles and relieves physical tension. It also triggers your brain to release endorphins that counter stress hormones.

Find out what gives you a good laugh. Maybe it’s cat memes, autocorrect fails, or a video you took of your significant other snoring. There’s so much benefit in taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to find something funny. Just be sure to set a limit, so you don't fall victim to, “where did the last 2 hours go?”

4. Listen to music to de-stress in a jiffy

If you have a particularly stressful day ahead of you, try popping in your earbuds before, during, and after work!

Perhaps you don’t consider yourself the classical music type, but studies showed immense benefits to listening to slow classical music, even if it’s just quietly on in the background! It can slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and reduce stress hormones.

Music can also be a great distraction when you’re feeling especially stressed. Take a break and tune into a song that makes you smile. Pick something that will take your mind off the task at hand. Having that mental break and allowing your body to relax will help you refocus on the situation.

5. Try CBD oil tincture for stress

Start your day with CBD oil tincture so you can relax and focus. It helps some people begin with a clean slate instead of one filled with self-doubt and worry.

Using CBD oil tinctures could bring your mind to a calm place so you can de-stress and focus on your workday. Take a deep breath and get down to business, instead of anxiously worrying about that upcoming meeting—or the to-do list that never ends.

Don’t let another day go by weighed down by stress and anxiety! Take some deep breaths, do a few mantras, phone a friend, laugh it off, and grab some CBD!