Less talking and more doing with these 5 motivation tools

There are all kinds of things we do when we're not doing, well, much of anything—checking Facebook at the office, hiding in the bathroom to avoid a co-worker, or scrolling Insta in a meeting, to name a few. But procrastination doesn’t just strike at work. It often rears its ugly head right at home when there are dishes to be done, floors to be cleaned, and showers to be scrubbed.

We’ve all been there, and we all get it. But there are some motivation tools and techniques anyone can use (even us!) to amp up that energy to actually get s*** done!

1. Set smaller goals

This is a huge savior in an itty-bitty package. You may have a counter full of dishes, and your perception—and anxiety—makes it seem like climbing a mountain. So, what to do?

Just set smaller goals, dude. Instead of looking at those nasty plates and pans and thinking you have to do ‘em all, focus on smaller segments first. You don’t have to tackle everything; you simply need to knock out the silverware.

This motivation tool works with just about everything. You don’t lose 100 pounds overnight, but you can lose a pound this week or 10 in a few months. Take that huge task that’s triggering your Sunday Scaries and split it up into more manageable sizes.

You won’t believe how much easier it gets to get started!

2. Celebrate yourself

Hey, life is hard. And this adulting thing didn’t exactly come with a manual. But there’s absolutely no one who can stop you from buying some damn balloons because you did awesome on your employee review. If you’re happy that you went a day without smoking, then drop a little cash on those onesie pajamas you’ve been eyeballing.

Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small. When you develop this habit, it motivates you to get something else done, like a huge, happy rat dinging a bell for some cheese.

3. Finding your inspiration is one of the best motivation tools

This might sound corny, like some sort of office poster with a majestic bald eagle on it. But it works! If you're looking to lose weight, find like-minded people who can inspire you to keep trucking every day. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, surround yourself with successful folks who you can look up to and emulate.

Inspiration can come from just about any corner. It doesn’t have to be a monumental moment in time that urges you to pen the next great American novel. Inspiration can come from a single line in a song that pushes you to do better.

4. Be super clear about your goal

This often means writing it down. When you explicitly know and define your goal, you’ll see when you've reached it—and you can better plan to achieve it. This ties in with the first of our motivation tools. Having a clear objective makes it easier to create smaller targets that you can strive toward.

Once you’re clear about your goal, start plastering that bad boy all over the place. Write it on a post-it note and put it on your monitor. Slap it on the bathroom mirror. Place this little nugget of motivation wherever you spend a lot of time, whenever you need the extra push.

Seeing the goal repeatedly will help you stay focused on it and compel you to complete it.

5. Get public about your aim

This one’s risky, so it’s not for everyone. No one wants to fail publicly. But that's precisely what makes telling others about an objective one of the best motivation tools!

When we voice our goal and put it out there, others remind us of it—and this tactic can create a positive type of pressure to work harder. People know the objective, and they will probably know if we fail. In some cases, that’s just the right amount of stress to urge us to do better.

Motivation tools can only take you so far if the Sunday Scaries paralyze you

Sometimes, not having the energy to tackle a task—or even getting up for the day—stems from racing thoughts and everyday stress, not garden-variety laziness. If you occasionally feel stuck by the urge to crawl under the covers and hide in bed, you might need a little help.

Never fear, Sunday Scaries is always here. Your new hemp BFF can squash that excessive worry and give you the calm, collected focus to slay the day—and a lot of those crappy little to-dos that come with it.

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