We all have the best intentions when it comes to getting fit, especially at the beginning of a new year. But some days, it’s just sooooo damn hard to find the motivation to get going. Learn how to boost your energy for a workout that slays!

Just do it! Nike had it right. On its own, exercise will boost your energy — but you have to have enough gas in the tank to get started in the first place, of course.

Studies show that sedentary people who started to work more movement into their days saw an increase in energy, even more than they’d get from a 3 p.m. shot of espresso.

And it’s especially effective if you can exercise in the great outdoors. All that good stuff like fresh air and sunshine also lowers anxiety and stress levels! So, if you’re planning workouts, a quick mid-day walk can get you started and may help keep you energized until a harder gym sesh!

Step 1: Make a plan

One of the easiest ways to get on the exercise train is to create a schedule and stick to it. This is the hardest step for most people. But like most worthwhile endeavors, it gets easier over time. The couch may be whispering your name and sweet nothings in your ear, but try not to go more than two days without some activity in your day.

Drink up to boost energy for workouts!

Even moderate dehydration can lead to fatigue. Drinking enough water during the day — every day — will help you get up early to hit the gym or find the willpower to do it after work. You can even use an app to help you keep track and make sure you’re consuming enough.

A good rule of thumb is eight 8-ounce glasses (this is called the “8×8 rule”), but intake will vary based on activity. So, don’t forget to drink extra water before, during, and after an intense sweat session to replenish and rehydrate your body.

Watch what you eat!

Pay attention to how certain foods make you feel. If a big, carb-loaded lunch makes you feel sluggish before that mid-afternoon slump, mix it up. Try a salad with lean protein and see how that affects your energy level.

In general, junk food is a terrible idea. Everyone’s different, and it may take a few weeks to listen to your body’s signals and figure out which foods make you feel best throughout the day and boost energy for workouts.

Scents make sense

Invigorating fragrances like rosemary, peppermint, and citrus can help improve mood and boost energy. Keep a bottle of oil in your desk and sniff it when you’re feeling low.

Some companies make aromatherapy blends in skin-safe roll-ons or lotions that can perk you up mid-afternoon. You can also make your own blends of essential oils and distilled water for an energy-lifting room fragrance spray!

Just breathe deep, dude

Need a quick hit of energy? Take a deep breath! Deep breathing boosts the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream, providing an almost instant lift. When we're stressed, we tend to breathe shallowly, depleting our oxygen and making us more tired. That, in turn, leads to a fuzzy feeling that means every thought takes more effort.

Break the stress brain cycle by taking deep breaths. With pranayama, or focused breathing techniques, you can even gain calm and focus while melting away stress. Talk about a bonus!

Mom was right all along: take your vitamins, kid

Did you know that more than 40% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D? This invaluable vitamin is essential for immunity and mood, and it can affect energy! The best way to get some D is from a little sun, but pills will work in the dark depths of winter.

Other energizing nutrients people are commonly deficient in include iron and B vitamins, especially B12. If you're not getting enough of these nutrients through your diet, talk to your doctor about supplements to replenish them.

Sunday Scaries CBD gummies and oils contain Vitamins B12 and D3, making them a yummy way to boost energy for workouts while calming your mind!

Boost energy for workouts by reducing stress!

A constant fight for flight vibe does a number on our body, and all that stress leads to fatigue. The more you can lower the pressure throughout your day, the better the chances are that you make it to that post-work sweat session. As we mentioned above, try anxiety-reducing breathing techniques or just take a hike — a little jaunt in the great outdoors is scientifically proven to lower stress levels!

Then, there is our old friend and standby: CBD. Whether it’s in oil, gummies, or candy, CBD can help put your mind at ease and help you relax without any fuzzy feeling.

Working out is important. We all know that. And following these tips will help boost energy for workouts to get you on track. Try ‘em out, find what works for you, and keep at it!

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