Wondering how to create a meditation space at home when clutter and space are an issue? Here are ways to design your very own Zen area!

Most of us aren’t blessed to live in a house with multiple unused rooms. Many homes are small apartments where you can’t sneeze without getting a roommate wet. Perhaps you know the benefits of meditation and want to try it out. Still, you're wondering how to create a meditation space at home—when that means being always on top of another person, an animal, or yourself.

Today’s apartments are often pretty small — even if they charge for every square foot. But the good news is it doesn’t take a lot of space or equipment to get inside your head for some Zen time!

For starters, think small with décor and equipment

The point of meditation is to clear your mind from clutter, so having a minimalist meditation area is actually a good thing. There’s less jammed into a small space to distract you.

To be fair, you don’t need anything to meditate except the will to do it. But sometimes, objects can help soothe the mind and put you in the right headspace to get to work.

Minimalist can be easy. You can get a large sitting pillow that can be stored away, maybe a statue or picture you enjoy, an incense burner, or a candle. If that seems like too much, toss it all out and simply go with a regular ol’ pillow or a comfortable chair to sit on, whichever you prefer.

Declutter your room as well as your mind

If you live in a really small place and you’re wondering how to create a meditation space at home, you may have roommates — and that may mean meditating in your room. And given that the point of the exercise is to declutter the mind, you also need to declutter the space.

Above, we talked about the minimalist approach. Carry that through to the bedroom. Get creative with storage, pack away or donate whatever you don’t need or want, and really trim down what you keep in your room.

Besides having a tremendous benefit for meditation practice, it will help you get rid of allergens and extra clutter that collects dust.

How to create a meditation space at home tip 3: choose calm

What calms your mind? Is it bright natural light, candles, or incense? Is it a few plants in artistic pots? Is it pictures of cats doing crazy things? This is your space, so it should instantly calm you.

Forget what some guru tells you is required. All you need is stuff that brings you calm when you’re surrounded by it.

It's important to remember that this space is yours, and it should reflect your personality. Use only those things that suit your tastes, bring calm, and don’t distract you.

Rely on your other senses

If you have a tiny place, then you really need to work it. Rely on all your senses. Make sure you have soft clothing and furnishings, and bring in scents, visuals, and maybe some meditation music.

If you're worried about having an open flame while you're meditating, then get an electric candle or fairy lights to help create ambiance. Also, think about something other than incense. Wax warmers are great for added scent. Oil diffusers are also a fantastic way to surround yourself with the smells of your favorite essential oils.

For music, you can simply hit up some calming, meditative sounds and music. You can try white noise, Gregorian chants (having flashbacks yet?), or find some other great meditation soundtracks on your favorite streaming service.

If having your phone nearby makes you constantly want to check it, consider using a small speaker to play the music while that little black box is elsewhere.

Get back to nature

Asking how to create a meditation space at home sometimes results in taking things outside of the home. If there’s simply no space or enough peace, consider a natural setting.

You’ll want this area to be free of loud noise and interruptions, so a busy park might not be the best idea. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a quieter neighborhood, consider doing some “om-om” out on the porch or patio.

Make the space sacred

No, we’re not talking about religion. This means making sure your meditation space is used only for meditation. When you employ it for only one purpose, your mind will start associating that area with the deed. When you step into that space, you’re signaling your mind to get ready for meditation time.

If you’re using your bedroom, make sure the corner you’ve set up isn’t used for anything else. It’s not a reading nook, and it’s not for freaky time. It’s for getting Zen!

Our last tip on how to create a meditation space at home doesn’t involve decorating

Do you have a little trouble winding down from the day and letting sh*t go long enough to achieve Zen?

Sometimes meditating successfully just means being able to clear your mind and relax long enough to do it. We’ve covered all the senses except one—now, get ready for what you taste in your meditation space.

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