Holding onto negativity? Here’s why—and how—to set that BS free and live your best life.

Do you have some, ah, issues figuring out how to let shit go?

If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes—which is frustrating because the movie Frozen made it sound so easy. Hanging onto negativity affects all of us at some point or another.

Whether you’re stewing over your friend who still owes you gas money (when will he take your Venmo reminders as a hint?!?) or you’re re-analyzing your manager’s snide comment on your commute home, that stuff stays with you.

But it doesn’t have to. Learning how to let shit go is an art, but unlike painting or sculpture or whatever, there’s no particular talent or apprenticeship required.

You can master it, for real.

The case for learning how to let shit go

First—why should you learn this vital skill?

A certain amount of resentment, negativity, and general unpleasantness is normal in life. But letting these feelings run wild can put a damper on your social, work, and personal life. Hanging onto grudges makes it hard to trust others, and it can even make you turn on yourself.

You may feel tempted to hang onto conflict because the idea of letting go makes you feel like a pushover. But sometimes, soldiering onward is a losing battle—and the person who loses biggest is you. We know—that’s deep.

Reframe negativity as positivity

A wise scholar named Pitbull once said, “Took my life from negative to positive, I just want y'all to know that.”

Be like Mr. 305 and learn to reframe negativity as positivity. If something is bugging you, try to look at it as an opportunity for learning or growth. Maybe there was some merit to that criticism your boss gave you during your performance review. Or perhaps you simply learned that you shouldn’t lend your friend gas money next time.

Repeating something positive in the form of mantra meditation can be an especially effective way to channel a chill vibe.

Switch up your routine

If everyday life puts you up close and personal with the shit you’re hanging onto, try altering your routine. If that barista at Starbucks made a hurtful comment about your awesome new jacket (it is awesome, we promise), go to a different coffee shop. If your morning gym routine triggers negative thoughts about your appearance due to the crowds, try another time of day.

TL;DR: Identify your triggers and adjust accordingly.

Understand the meaning of “you do you”

When resentment is the result of something extremely uncool that someone else did (uh, hello, isn’t that always the case?!?), it’s not always possible to change that person’s behaviors.

You can try talking to them and working out a solution. But if that’s not possible or like banging your head against a wall, stewing in your anger and/or trying to learn mind control ain’t gonna work.

Try this instead: You do you. Focus on what you can do. Dive headfirst into a project. Hang out with people who make you feel good. Set a goal that's just for you and watch yourself accomplish it. Remove the person who is driving you crazy from the equation and watch said craziness dissipate.

Accept that it’s hard to know how to let shit go

Let’s be real for a second: It’s not always possible to snap your fingers and let shit go.

That's okay! Honestly, there's so much guilt associated with thinking you have to move on with grace—especially when they’re things you’ve been hanging onto foreverrrrr, like the memory of that person who ghosted you after two great dates.

Let yourself feel your feelings. You deserve that, fam. Sometimes taking the pressure off and saying, “I don’t have to let shit go right now” can … actually help you let shit go.

Ask for help

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression related to ongoing resentments, spiraling thoughts, and bad energy that just won’t leave you alone, ask for help.

You can talk to your friends, family, or your partner. And you can also speak to a therapist who will never, ever judge you or get tired of hearing about that thing that’s been on your mind.

That’s what they’re paid for, yo.

Still wondering how to let shit go? Try a hemp intervention.

Use the strategies above as long-term solutions for freeing yourself from pointless, negative thoughts. But if you need extra help leaving your BS baggage at the curb, CBD might be your new BFF.

CBD gummies can be an effective tool to reset your equilibrium and help you concentrate on what matters. And what matters is NOT what that **** at the water cooler said last Tuesday.

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