A little TLC, some alone-time, and even some CBD gummies may smooth the bumps in the live-in-relationship road

There’s so much in 2020 to be stressed TF out about. We have a pandemic that just won’t go away. We have unemployment issues. There are murder hornets, divisive politics, and Yellowstone is starting to grumble like an old man who doesn't want us on his lawn.

Is it starting to feel like we entered an alternate reality?!?!

Now that we’ve freaked you out with a reminder of all the WTF-ness, we’re going to tell you to forget about it for a sec and relax. After all, you have your friends, your family, and, if you’re lucky, a live-in “significant other.”

Oh. Yeah. That can be a touchy subject, especially if you're quarantining together. The honeymoon phase is over. Now, you see them in all their… glory. The mess, reduced space, clothes everywhere, the lack of privacy in the bathroom.

Once they hit the porcelain throne while you're showering, is the romance dead?

Nah, don’t fret about that either. With a little work, some TLC, and other steps, you can tackle those relationship problems. Keep the flame of love—and friendship—going strong with these tips:

Sext it up!

Go on with your bad self. Get a little freaky deaky with your smartphone. Even if you’re sitting next to one another, building up some anticipation with a text is one way to keep the romance burning.

No, it doesn’t have to be sex-related. The point here is there was a reason the two of you wanted to get handsy and smash faces in the first place.

Living together can create a lot of unneeded stress that causes relationship problems. And it’s so easy to lose sight of what’s really important while you’re focusing on the wet towel on the floor that literally no one gives AF about except you.

Daily routines can be a killer, and for those of us who struggle with the Sunday Scaries all week long, our heads can be even more dangerous. It's amazing to live outside of it once in a while and be a partner, not a roommate or parent.

Living together is a learning curve—but it's also hella rewarding.

As this Bustle article suggests, try spicing up your live-in relationship by thinking outside the box. One idea is adding cute notes to shopping lists. It sounds like a silly little thing, but here's the bottom line: it’s about thinking of the other person and making things easier on the both of you while showing you still value them.

Sometimes we’re our biggest live-in relationship problem!

Kick gender roles to the curb to tackle common relationship problems

What are we, living in 1950? Yes, women belong in the kitchen—but so do men! That’s where the f*cking food is! Everyone belongs.

But when it comes to sharing tasks in the kitchen (or any part of the house), they must be actually shared.

You may enjoy doing the household duties as long as your partner takes care of the outside stuff. You might take on the responsibility of sweeping and mopping as long as your partner just picks up their damn mess. It all depends on what works for your relationship.

The point here is, communicate!

Don't feel like you need to change the oil just because you're a man. Maybe you make a bangin’ chicken marsala.

Don’t feel as though you need to fold the laundry because you’re a woman. Maybe you know how to fix the leak under the sink.

Talk. Designate roles for one another. Split jobs. And for goodness sake, hold one another accountable for those tasks!

Is the mess a dealbreaker?

Clutter can send your anxiety through the roof. For a lot of people, the mess has to go, and it's one of their fundamental problems with a relationship.

So, make it go away! Designate time each day to tackle cleaning together.

Also, don’t make it daunting!

What cleaning tasks do you enjoy, or at least don’t mind? Split the duties, depending on who wants (or hates less) what. If you equally despise a task, do it together, so it doesn't take so long!


Don't just read that word; make it your effing mantra. It’s a word you’re going to live by in a successful live-in relationship. (Actually, most good relationships.)

Relationship problems can be solved with a little ME-time

Space. We all need it, especially if we want to avoid live-in relationship problems. You can’t be on top of one another all the time.

Even if it’s just a room to get away to for an hour or a trip taken to the grocery store for 30 minutes, having your own space and time is essential.

Whatever your outlet, make sure it’s time and space where you can unwind, get some stress relief, and reset your perspective on your loved one. Odds are, you may just start to miss ‘em. D’AWWWWWW!

CBD gummies or a little CBD tincture can also help take the edge off!

2020 has been a beast. Along with all of the cataclysmic stuff, feeling trapped in the house can strain even the strongest relationships. And stress can make folks snap. So, our final piece of advice is chill out!

Whether it's meditation, a little yoga, or some outdoor exercise, take the steps you need to reset your equilibrium, remain a loving partner, and fix those relationship problems.

At Sunday Scaries, we do a lot of things to reduce that pressure. And, of course, heartily endorse popping a couple of CBD gummies or taking some tincture under the tongue for stress relief.

It might help you clear your mind, push all the stuff that doesn’t really matter to the side, and remember why you’re living with someone in the first place—and how damn lucky you are.

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