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Why do you take Sunday Scaries?
I take Sunday Scaries because I’ve had ptsd, anxiety and depression from a traumatic incident recently. The CBD takes the edge off when I’m feeling anxious after a long day at work or nervous before a court date. In addition, the Big Spoon sleep tincture REALLY helps with my sleep–not to mention I’m obsessed with Tub Cub bath bombs! They’re my ultimate self care

What time of day do you take Sunday Scaries?
I used the CBD gummies after a long day at work, a long drive in traffic, or the Big Spoon tincture before bed to help me sleep. I also use the bath bombs a few times a week!

What is your favorite product?
Favorite! I can only pick one?!? Oh nooo! The bath bomb probably because I use it the most! Because it smells so good and my skin feels so soft. But Big Spoon for guaranteed sleep! And the gummies provide that perfect calm I need.

How much do you usually take at a time?
I usually take 2-3 gummies at a time, and one full dropper of the tincture.

How long have you been taking Sunday Scaries?
I have been taking Sunday scaries since august 2021 and will never look back! They’re the best!!!

Can you share one unique / funny time you were weirdly stressed-out / anxious and Sunday Scaries helped?
I was going out to meet someone new and I got overly excited and nervous so I took the tincture before bed cuz I was feeling like a kid who was about to go to Disneyland and couldn’t turn my mind off! Then driving there I ate about 5-6 gummies to calm myself, ha! It didn’t end up working out with the guy but I got a great night’s sleep that night and was cool as a cucumber!


TikTok queen Giselle is one of our most creative and energetic squad members--we love her! She's not shy about sharing her truth and keeping it real, which is something we always appreciate. Along with being a great mom to her kids, she has her day job working with kids as well. She truly does not quit!

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