MEET THE SQUAD: @kararobinsonchamberlain

Why do you take Sunday Scaries? 
I take Sunday Scaries to help manage my anxiety and tension in my body.

What time of day do you take Sunday Scaries?
I take Sunday Scaries in the morning (Gummies or the oil) and in the evening most evenings.

What is your favorite product?
I love everything! I haven't had a product from Sunday Scaries I didn't love!

How much do you usually take at a time?
I take a dropper full of the oil under my tongue or a few gummies every day!

How long have you been taking Sunday Scaries?
I've been taking Sunday Scaries for about 9 months.

Can you share one unique / funny time you were weirdly stressed-out / anxious and Sunday Scaries helped?
One of the things Sunday Scaries has helped me with the most is mask-induced anxiety. I have a trauma response to things covering my face so masks are very triggering. When I had to travel for work during the pandemic, I had a lot of anxiety facing wearing a mask for a cross-country flight. I packed my SS gummies in my carryon and it truly helped make the experience much more manageable.

Resilient warrior Kara Chamberlain has been through the ringer, to say the least. If you're not familiar, Kara went through a brutal and traumatic event in her life that she shows and describes in the Oxygen True Crime move, Escaping Captivity. Though this life-changing and terrible event rocked her and her family's worlds, her website states, "Kara currently uses her experience as well as years of work in law enforcement to speak to groups around the country. She tells her story, helps educate those who work with victims, and empowers individuals to be the best version of themselves they can be, regardless of their past."

We are so, so proud and grateful to have Kara part of our squad. She inspires us to be strong and to always give ourselves patience when we're feeling overwhelmed or figuratively underwater. Support her by following her on TikTok and Instagram where she shares her day-to-day and stories!