For plenty of sober or sober-curious folks, a glass of wine before bed isn’t the go-to way to relax and wind down. Learn about research on CBD for sleep and how cannabidiol can help you chill out!

If you’re looking to trade in your evening glass of wine for something alcohol-free, join the club! Sober-curious is a major trend among Millennials and Gen Xers concerned about what they put into their bodies and the effects those substances have—more so than the Boomer generation.

A 2018 study suggested that “drinking alcohol at levels which were believed to be safe is actually linked with lower life expectancy and several adverse health outcomes,” according to Dr. Dan G. Blazer of Duke University, one of the researchers.

What are “levels believed to be safe?” The previous recommendation was that up to three drinks a day for men and up to one drink per day for women were safe—and many believed that a daily drink could be beneficial. But new research is revealing that a drink a day may NOT keep the doctor away!

Skipping that bedtime glass of wine is becoming more and more common, but what the heck are you supposed to replace your winding-things-down nighttime ritual with?

Is CBD your key to ZZZs?

Cannabidiol is the new bedtime relaxation potion for plenty of people—and what makes it so great is that there are a million ways to add it to your evening routine.

Are you used to sipping on wine in the bath? You can get CBD bath bombs or add some CBD oil tincture to a cup of hot Sleepytime tea. Or, if you already take gummy vitamins as part of your bedtime routine, just add a CBD gummy to your regimen.

The key is to identify places in your routine where CBD fits since you're more likely to stick with something if you attach it to a habit you already have!

What makes CBD for sleep effective?

Alright, so CBD looks like an appealing way to chill out without cracking a bottle. But why might it help at bedtime?

We definitely need more research that looks at CBD by itself, instead of cannabis extracts that include a lot of psychoactive THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). Most studies are have been done using marijuana (which contains all the compounds and higher THC levels) instead of CBD by itself or broad- or full-spectrum CBD.

That being said, there are some studies about CBD for sleep!

Here’s a quick look at some:

  • In a2019 studyon patients with anxiety and sleep problems using CBD, “sleep scores improved within the first month in 48 patients (66.7%) but fluctuated over time.”
  • Another study described by Project CBD found thathigh-dose CBD“decreased nighttime sleep interruptions and increased total sleep time.”
  • A2016 case studywith a pediatric patient found that CBD oil led to “a steady improvement in the quality and quantity of the patient’s sleep.”

How could CBD affect sleep?

CBD was described as having “hypnotic-like effects” as far back as 1977! And one of the common side effects of CBD can be drowsiness.

Again, we need more research to know how this stuff happens. What we do know is that it’s common for high-CBD cannabis strains to contain myrcene, which may show up in broad-spectrum CBD oil. Myrcene is a terpene that has active sedating effects: in other words, it gets you sleepy!

But it may not be as simple as one substance. Taking broad-spectrum CBD triggers the entourage effect, which just means that various compounds work together better (and different) than they do alone!

Finally, CBD does help people chill the &^%$ out. It can stop excessive worry and slow racing thoughts. And we all know what those bad boys can do to a good night’s sleep.

What’s the best dose of CBD to relax

It’s hard to say what’s the right dose for you because it’s so individual! Most people start with a low dose of CBD and increase the amount they use over a few days. Eventually, you'll hit that sweet spot, and you can stop expanding it. (It’s called titrating!)

Make sure that you stop using more as soon as you feel the level of relaxation you want! The ideal dose is different for each person, but taking more than your sweet spot can make it more likely you’ll get side effects. (Most people tolerate CBD very well, though!)

CBD for sleep needs more research. But some people do experience drowsy side effects, and this hemp helper certainly makes a lot of people relax without that wine headache! If you have any questions about trying CBD, ask your family doctor!

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