Do you dread going to work each Monday? It might be time to find a job that doesn’t suck.

Maybe it’s the long hours. Perhaps it’s the endless stream of uninspiring spreadsheets. It might be your coworker’s constant nagging (enough already, Karen!).

Whatever it is, one day it hits you: You hate your job.

So what do you do? Sure, you could go home and watch Office Space for the millionth time and blast that “Take This Job and Shove It” song. Or you could start looking for the perfect job for you.

News flash—not all jobs have to be terrible. Some people even enjoy spending time with their coworkers and tackling new projects. The right position should be something that challenges you, supports you, and leaves you feeling accomplished. It also allows you to have, ya know, a life.

Most importantly, the perfect job for you isn’t actually perfect (nothing is). It’s just the one that’s best for you. What fits might not be ideal for someone else, so it’s all about landing an interview at a place that makes you go, “Yes! These people get it.”

We know. That’s… kind of a tall order. But you can do it. And maybe this blog can help. Here are some tips on finding that magical unicorn of a position that actually gets you psyched to start the workweek:

Identify what you hate (and a few things you like!) about your current gig

Take out a piece of paper or open a new Google Doc and do a little soul searching. Why are you thinking about leaving your current job? Like what do you really, really dislike? Be specific (and no, Joe from accounting shouldn't be the only thing on your list). Is it a lack of work/life balance? Have you plateaued? Is it disorganized?

Next, write down the things you do like (it’s okay if that part is short). Maybe the salary is decent, or hey, at least they’ve got some good snacks in the company fridge.

Both lists will help you determine what you do and don’t want in a new position.

Have a list of must-haves in the perfect job for you

Next, write up a list of things you absolutely, 100 percent have to, have to, have to have in a new job. These might include the option to work remotely, flexible vacation days, a short commute, etc. This list should be things on which you are not willing to compromise. If you want to be in charge of a team or bring your dog to the office, this is the place to identify those items.

Treat the interview like a two-way street

Okay, so you’ve actually started interviewing for a new job. Give yourself a high five (figurative; not literally—that’s weird) and try this approach: Treat the interview like a mutual conversation rather than a series of questions you must answer.

In other words, remember that not only are they interviewing you; you are interviewing them. This is your chance to think of that list you made and see if this opportunity lines up with what you want. The questions you ask should be specific.

For example: What kind of projects will I be working on? What does a day in the life of this position look like? How will I be trained? Who will I report to and collaborate with? What kinds of team-building traditions are in place?

The perfect job search means thinking about your skills, not just your title

When seeking the perfect job for you, it’s easy to get sucked into entering keywords into an online search. You may think you need to look for your current—or dream—title until you find an opportunity that matches.

This is definitely a decent starting place, but we suggest getting a little bit creative too. Think of your skills.

What are you good at? And no, we don’t just mean stuff like creating Excel spreadsheets or coding. We mean things like communicating with the public, managing other people, or staying chill in a busy environment. Once you separate the things you’re good at and the things you like to do from a strict title or field, the possibilities multiply.

Money, money, money

What do you want to get paid? Look at your budget and factor in your cost of living. Do some research to figure out how much people in your field are typically paid. Have a salary or a salary range in mind (or an hourly rate), and don’t settle for less.

The right job will compensate you like you deserve to be paid.

Trust your gut

Don’t try to talk yourself out of seeing red flags if the person interviewing you is a huge jerk and the employees working there are all crying for some reason. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. And if it seems like a match made in heaven, it just might be!

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