Stop being so hard on yourself so that you can get things back on track

Been a little stressed lately? Okay, maybe this is a dumb question. With political strife and natural disasters—oh, and that whole pandemic—you would be excused for feeling a little tense. You would also be forgiven if perhaps you fell off the wagon and have been cheating on your diet.

Now is not the time to beat yourself up about the occasional slice of pizza or cupcake. (Besides, you’re helping to support your local eateries, right?). But if you are really feeling bad about yourself, we want to help ease your mind—and get you back on track with your diet!

First of all, quit feeling so damn guilty about cheating on a diet

Whether you’ve had a few weak moments or perhaps one really weak moment in which everything came crashing down, try not to feel guilty.

Guilt is a negative emotion that can seriously trigger the release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. The guiltier you are, the more stress you’ll experience, which ends up becoming a vicious shame cycle.

Plus, when you continually feel bad about yourself, you’re more likely to give up on your goals—and that is some serious BS, right there.

Indulging once in a while is actually good for you

If you’ve ever been on keto for a while, followed by cheating on your diet by devouring a bagel—or a pack of them—you know how sinfully awesome it felt, albeit temporarily.

There’s a reason for this. A review of studies published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews found that “Meals almost exclusively carbohydrate increase the availability of tryptophan and hence serotonin synthesis in the brain.” And “Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness."

In fact, some researchers speculate that some carbs may be needed to maintain a good mood. So chill out, and maybe just consider that high-carb nosh a little therapy.

Another benefit of indulgence is that this can help you stay more focused and motivated if you know you'll get a nice reward now and again.

How to get back on track after cheating on your diet

Now that you know guilt bad and indulging every once in a while isn’t, it’s time to figure out how to eat, change your attitude, and stay the course. And you may be able to do it with these tips:

1. Stop the stinking thinking

Enjoying a muffin on Friday after a week of eating nutritional foods should not fill you with stress! A not-so-healthy treat doesn’t negate all of the healthy stuff you’ve made a point to eat. Cut yourself some slack, dude.

2. Be more mindful about your food

It can be very easy to just cram down food without even thinking about it, but you should always be aware of what you’re eating. Sit down, put the phone away, and take the time to enjoy your food. Concentrating on the meal can help you control how much you eat—and enjoy the experience more!

3. Actually eat when you’re hungry

Groundbreaking, we know. But all too often, people trying to lose weight will skip meals or drastically cut their food intake to the point where they’re almost starving. In addition to being dangerous, this increases the chances of making bad food choices. When they break a starvation diet, they break it BIG.

4. Avoid cheating on a diet by getting creative

We all have a weakness when it comes to food, but there’s almost always a healthier version of the junkier stuff. You can use things like zucchini to make French fries, for example. If you're craving a shake, you can make one with avocado instead of ice cream. And there are loads of ways to eat something that may not exactly be on your diet, but it really isn't too terrible either.

Hmmm. Maybe add some gummies to your diet?

No, not the standard, sugary bears or worms, but the CBD variety. There are many benefits to taking CBD.

I mean, for one thing, it could curtail excessive worry, so you won’t get too bummed out about scarfing that pizza. Overall, they can reduce second-guessing, apprehension, and self-doubt—helping you stay chill in the face of diet missteps or life challenges.

Plus, our broad-spectrum CBD gummies also come with vitamins B12 and D3, which may help with energy levels and mood.

We've all been through a lot lately, so go easy on yourself if you've taken a detour and been cheating on your diet. And if you’d like to add a little CBD chill to your life, you can get 20% off your monthly delivery of our CBD products when you subscribe to Sunday Scaries—plus free shipping!