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  • Eliminate Your Stress
  • Take Your Weekends Back
  • Avoid Moral Hangovers

Without needing to spend time meditating, journaling, or giving up on social media

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  • FAILURE #1

    Meditation - Only "kind of" works and eventually you stop.
  • Failure #2

    Journaling - You always forget and it never produces enough value.
  • failure #3

    Digital Detox - You rely on your phone for work, socialization and more, so can't stop.
  • failure #4

    Excessive Boozing - This feels so good at the time, but you regret it the next day.
  • failure #5

    Breathwork - You can't get out of your own head while trying it.
"This has been a serious game changer for my day to day general anxiety. I love Sunday Scaries gummies because 1. They taste good so I never forget to take them and 2. They are great to supplement on top of the tincture if you need a little extra."
Carissa Stanton
"I work all the time for my consulting job and it gets taxing on my mind energy. Then Friday hits and I just want to let loose and have a great weekend, but then my Sundays suck haha. These gummies allow me to live my social life without compromising my professional growth."
Tyler Pringle
"I'm a private flight attendant and there's two things that are constant in my life: lack of sleep and constant stress. I've tried teas, meditation, white noise machines... you name it, and all of it falls flat. Sunday Scaries is the only thing that works, I can't travel without it."
Ashley Steele
"These gummies actually work to destress. Plus, this company has an incredibly relatable brand name. I always thought I was alone in dealing with the sunday scaries, and then it's like woah.. someone actually made a product to solve them. I'm a subscriber since I take them everyday and you get 20% off. No brainer."
Lawrence Weller
"I love working on my self growth. Reading, yoga, traveling and becoming the best version of myself. Sometimes life is hard though, and instead of just suffering through the dark spots I decided to do something about it instead. That's when I found Sunday Scaries on a Facebook ad. Their gummies help me to break free from bad thoughts and only concentrate on good vibes."
Lilian Torrente
"I'm all about transition. Transition into greatness and being my most elite form possible. Although there have been many trials and tribulations, I know I'm on the right path and I'm proud of the positive change I continual produce. That being said, life throws some crazy curveballs at you and sometimes you need a little extra help. Sunday Scaries edibles come in the clutch when those times happen.
Chris Vasquez

Existing solutions that don't work & common mistakes:

"But Stress Gummies are just a placebo aren't they? And none of the products actually work…"

“Yup, we’ve heard it many times before. To clear things up, the reason why the industry of the magical green plant is full of snake oil products is because the FDA still needs to regulate it. It creates a lower barrier to entry for companies who just want to make a quick buck, without taking the time to develop a legitimate product. 

“There is a ton of noise out there - now everyone and their milkman has a company with this hippie plant. 'Medi-this' companies are a dime a dozen. It takes experience to see through the clutter and purchase from those who are transparent and legit."

If you want an expert tip, DO NOT purchase stress relief gummies on Amazon. The raw materials from those companies are sourced from China and are not lab tested. Also, there is no scientific way they contain the dosing of Full Spectrum (the oil from the plant) they advertise. Consider this is warning, and beware. Even if you don’t purchase from us, DO NOT purchase from Amazon. Sidenote: we love Amazon, we buy a bunch of products from them, just NOT stress gummies since they don’t allow the credible brands on there. Just check for yourself.

For the brands that ARE legit, the main difference between us and them is that we custom formulate our products specifically for stress relief and sleep aid. Our competitors advertise themselves as a cure-all for every ailment under the sun, not focusing on any specific use case. We’re the anxiety experts and we custom developed products specifically to help you destress”  

US Vs. Them

Not your fake gummies

I'm Sunday Scaries
I'm Every Stress Gummy Company
Consistent 10mg dosing
Low Sugar (1g)
Made in USA
100% Money Back Guarantee
Human Customer Service
Actually works to de-stress

The Active Ingredients

Eliminate Stress & Take Your Weekends Back with…

Vitamin B12

The Cobalamin King

Combat stress symptoms and lift self-esteem | 6mcg per gummy

Full Spectrum Extract

The Green Plant Oil Blend

Mellow out and promote cool, calm emotional relief | 10mg per gummy

Vitamin D3

The Sunshine Vitamin

Boost your mood and ease nervousness | 10mcg per gummy

We spent over 2 years custom formulating our stress relief gummy with added vitamins and botanicals.

  • 10mg Full Spectrum per gummy
  • Orange, cherry, apple and lemon flavors
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • GMP certified manufacturers
  • FDA registered facilities

What's Possible with Sunday Scaries?

“8 ways how your life will become more Scarefree”

1. Take Your Sundays Back - Own the Weekend

2. End the negative thought cycle in your head

3. Be aware and present during social situations

4. Work without angst for peak performance

5. Discover inner resilience to bounce back from challenges

6. Improve sleep quality so you can wake up refreshed & non-groggy

7. Cultivate a positive mindset on your path to personal growth

8. Find balance by savoring the joys outside of work

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Scarefree Guarantee

Life is hard enough. We make things chill with our 100% money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I fail a drug test if I take these gummies?

Yes, you will fail. Our Full Spectrum blend contains a compound (add the product to cart to see what it is) that is within the legal <.3% threshold, but we advise against using these if you need to pass a drug test.

What does "Full Spectrum" mean?

Full spectrum means using all compounds of the plant. To find out the main ingredient in Sunday Scaries, click "ADD TO CART".

How many Sunday Scaries Stress Relief Gummies should I take?

We suggest taking 2 gummies daily or anytime you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or on the verge of tearing your own hair out. We intentionally formulated our Sunday Scaries gummies with 10mg per gummy so our Squad members can scale up incrementally. Everyone’s physiologically different and the ingredients affects people in different ways, following the same premise as caffeine intake.

How long does it take for the Sunday Scaries Stress Relief Gummies to start working?

The onset of the effects takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how long you chew them in your mouth and how much food you have in your stomach.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your Sunday Scaries Stress Relief Gummies you can let our customer service know and get a full refund with our 100% money back guarantee.