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Stress Relief Gummies

  • Feel calmer in under 30 minutes
  • Quiet the mind & improve your focus
  • Enjoy 2-3 hours of boosted relaxation
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Modern Day USE CASES

  • Problem #1

    Handling your micromanaging boss

    Ever seen Office Space? Know why that movie is so funny? Because the annoying and condescending boss is TOO relatable. Whether it's an unreasonable deadline, too many freakin' emails or the fact your boss just doesn't believe you actually "WFH", we've all been there. Take stress relief gummies before work to keep calm, focus and dominate.
  • Problem #2

    Having the Fear Of Better Options (FOBO) 

    Ever think about "the one that got away", or been at a party and can't stop thinking about going to that other party happening at the same time? Sounds weird, but it's real af. Take stress relief gummies to be in the moment and realize you're exactly where you need to be.
  • Problem #3

    Parenting in 2023

    Whether you're chasing a toddler around the house, stepping on legos, trying to explain genders to a middle schooler or trying to keep your tween off TikTok, adulting in 2023 is HARSH. Pop 2 gummies to get a break from the stressors and enjoy a sense of calm for a couple hours.

Perfect For...

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Daily Stress

Moral Hangovers



Mind Racing

The Ingredients

Cage your inner stress monster with…

Full Spectrum Extract

The Botanical Oil Blend | 10mg per gummy

Mellows you out & promote a cool, calm sense of emotional relief

Vitamin B12

The Cobalamin King | 6mcg per gummy

Combats symptoms of stress and boosts self-esteem

Vitamin D3

The Sunshine Vitamin | 10mcg per gummy

Boosts your mood & eases nervousness

100% Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free Buying Experience

Life is stressful enough. Trying new things shouldn't be.

What Customers Are Saying

This sh*t really does work!

I used to have trouble falling asleep, and also wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back asleep. With Sunday Scaries, i get super sleep 30-60 min after I take it, and usually sleep through the entire night without feeling groggy in the morning. It's a life saver!

Stephanie L. - Verified Buyer
Stress Relief Gummies

Calming Effect 🤩

I take these gummies every morning before work to calm me down. Any stress that comes my way is manageable with these gummies. I highly recommend them!

Timothy N. - Verified Buyer
Stress Relief Gummies

Seriously the best!

I can not say enough positive things about the extra strength gummies! I take 2 when I need and later in the day I'll take another one, if deemed necessary :) I will 100% recommend these to anyone! It's just about finding the right amount for your own body type.

Holly S. - Verified Buyer
Stress Relief Gummies

Sunday Fun Day

I was seriously questioning this product but after a week of using it I know that this product actually works. I bought 2 cases 1 more me and 1 for my wife. We both feel improvements, will definitely buy more later.

Kevin G. - Verified Buyer
Stress Relief Gummies

Super Helpful!

I have to say, it's been extremely helpful to have these gummies. I have been under a lot of stress and these help me for sure. I'm glad I listened to Mr. Ballen and got some Sunday Scaries stress relief gummies.

Nicole P. - Verified Buyer
Stress Relief Gummies

❤️ Sunday Scaries!

Excellent product! Helps me so much to "take the edge off" and fall asleep effortlessly. Thank you! 🥰

Marie M. - Verified Buyer
Stress Relief Gummies

We spent over 2 years custom formulating our stress relief gummy with added vitamins and botanicals.

  • 10mg Full Spectrum per gummy
  • Pineapple, cherry, apple and lemon flavors
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • GMP certified manufacturers
  • FDA registered facilities


100% Money Back Guarantee 😎

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Not your fake AF Amazon gummies

I'm Sunday Scaries
I'm Every Stress Gummy Company
Consistent 10mg dosing
Low Sugar (1g)
Made in USA
100% Money Back Guarantee
Human Customer Service
Actually works to de-stress

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Sunday Scaries Stress Relief Gummies should I take?

We suggest taking 2 gummies daily or anytime you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or on the verge of tearing your own hair out. We intentionally formulated our Sunday Scaries gummies with 10mg full spectrum extract per gummy so our Squad members can scale up incrementally. Everyone is physiologically different and the ingredients affect people in different ways, following the same premise as caffeine intake.

What if the Stress Gummies don't work for me?

Sunday Scaries Stress Relief Gummies do have a 97% satisfaction rating. However, if you are in the 3% of customers that do not like them, Sunday Scaries will happily refund your purchase. If you don’t like the product and don’t feel its benefits, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Right? We believe that's the way it should be.

What does taking Sunday Scaries Stress Gummies feel like?

Each person experiences a different sensation. Sunday Scaries Stress Gummies don't contain stimulants, so you won't feel shaky or agitated. You're more likely to feel a sense of calm wash over your body & mind. Imagine a traffic jam where all of a sudden 80% of the cars were taken off the road and you just started cruising at a steady pace, with the windows down and the sun over the horizon.

How long does it take for the Sunday Scaries Stress Relief Gummies to start working?

The onset of the effects takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how long you chew them in your mouth and how much food you have in your stomach.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your Sunday Scaries Stress Relief Gummies, simply email happiness@sundayscaries.com to get a full refund with our 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

Can I take these Stress Relief Gummies if I’m under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. It is not recommended to take Sunday Scaries gummies if you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can Sunday Scaries Stress Gummies show up on a drug test?

Short answer: Yes, they can. Drug tests differ in nature. Some rely on urine, some on blood, some on saliva and some on hair. Additionally, some drug tests are not sophisticated enough to differentiate between types of cannabinoids. Therefore, it is not recommended to take Sunday Scaries Stress Gummies if you need to pass a drug test in order to keep food on the table.