finally, get the 8 hours of deep sleep you deserve

Specially formulated to help:

  • Destress & calm the mind before bed
  • Fall asleep faster & stay asleep
  • Achieve higher quality, deeper sleep
  • Wake up feeling refreshed & radiant
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What is Big Spoon?

Big Spoon is a uniquely formulated, natural & organic sleep oil that you can't find anywhere else.

Adding Big Spoon to your nighttime wellness routine is as easy as dropping a few drops under your tongue before you brush your teeth.


Originating from the Mediterranean Basin, Lemon Balm soothes symptoms of stress, helps the body relax & boosts cognitive functions.

Valerian Root (NATURAL HERB)

Originating from Asia, for thousands of years Valerian Root has been known as a sedative to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Chamomile (Natural HERB)

Consumed for centuries through tea leaves, Chamomile has antioxidant properties and improves sleep quality.

5-HTP (Amino Acid)

5-HTP increases serotonin levels to improve mood & promote natural melatonin production in your body.


GABA is a natural sedative, antioxidant and immune system enhancer that improves recovery during sleep.

L-Theanine (AMINO ACID)

L-Theanine helps to improve mood, relieve stress and maintain healthy sleep for a longer period of time.

“My new favorite sleep hack”

“This Special Sleep Oil Is The Only Thing That's Helped Me Sleep During My Child's Millionth Sleep Regression”

Karen Tiejen | Mom & Health Editor


Image of influencer doing yoga and relaxing with Big Spoon Sleep Oil
😴 Big Spoon tincture prepares me for a sound sleep so I can feel more rejuvenated in the morning.
Susan (Brinda)
Lately my favorite bedtime routine is taking a drop of Big Spoon sleep tincture! I sleep like a princess 👸🏽
Image of customer taking Big Spoon before bed
I am not tossing and turning, not wide awake at 2am and not thinking about the day to come. I’m just sleeping! Dreaming! Relaxing! Best part… no groggy feeling in the morning!
Image of influencer taking big spoon after a hike on a ridge
The perfect blend to enable you to calm your mind and elevate your wellness state
Image of customer with Big Spoon and Unicorn Jerky
Amazing sleep supplement 💤 with all sorts of amazing things like GABA (omg when I say it works and is amazing…I don’t kid!!)
Eliz Martin
Image of girlfriends giving the thumbs up for Big Spoon sleep oil
Yo, this tincture knocks us the F@&% out 🥱😴 which is great because we both usually sleep like crap! Haha
Erica Danielle

What makes big spoon BETTER

Big Spoon Sleep Oil
A 1 fluid ounce bottle of Sunday Scaries Big Spoon CBD Oil with vanilla cream flavor and 30mg CBD per dropper
Other Sleep Supplements


All Natural




Soy Free

Sugar Free

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

GMO Free

Pesticide Free

Lab Tested

Big Spoon was formulated for over 18 months with a proprietary blend of amino acids, natural herbs and hemp extracts.

1) Fill up one dropper
2) Tilt your head back
3) Drop the oil under your tongue
4) Let it absorb under your tongue for 10 seconds and then swallow the rest.
5) Floss, Brush & continue your nighttime, self-care routine

  • Organic MCT (Coconut) Oil
  • Natural Flavors
  • Organic Stevia
  • Hemp Extract


100% Risk-Free Guarantee 😴

1 Bottle 30-Day Supply

Image of 1 bottle of Big Spoon Sleep Oil
Subtotal: $59
100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Most Popular

2 Bottle Restore Package 60-Day Supply

Retail Price $118
Subtotal: $39
100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Best Value

3 Bottle Value Pack 90-Day Supply

Retail Price $177
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100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

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"This sleep oil is packed with ingredients designed to facilitate a good night’s rest. It also contains botanicals chamomile, lemon balm and valerian root, as well as 5-hydroxytryptophan (or 5-HTP, which has been used in treatments for depression), gamma-aminobutyric acid (or GABA, which may help aid sleep and alleviate anxiety) and L-theanine (an amino acid that can promote relaxation in high doses)."

Lauren Silva | Health Advisory Board

Today's self-care started last night

The Only Thing You Need!

This is easily my favorite product from Sunday Scaries. I've tried many of their products and this is the one I always come back to. If you're restless, just have a dropper-full and doze off to dream land. Highly recommend for those of us with the "jimmy-legs" or is a restless sleeper. My partner loves it because he can finally sleep too.

Tia W - Verified Buyer
Big Spoon Sleep Oil

Best Sleep Oil Out There

This is the best sleep oil I’ve found, and it seems like I’ve tried them all. I appreciate that it works without the addition of melatonin, the side effects of which I do not like. This oil tastes great as well. Use this daily for some of the best sleep of your life.

Cory S - Verified Buyer
Big Spoon Sleep Oil

This sh*t really does work!

I used to have trouble falling asleep, and also wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back asleep. With Sunday Scaries, i get super sleep 30-60 min after I take it, and usually sleep through the entire night without feeling groggy in the morning. It's a life saver!

Stephanie L - Verified Buyer
Big Spoon Sleep Oil

Tasty and really helps

I love the way Sunday Scares tastes, just a hint of Chocolate makes it go down so much smoother. More importantly-it really helps with relaxing and sleep. Helps you stay asleep. The best of any of the oils that I have tried.

GraceMarie E - Verified Buyer
Big Spoon Sleep Oil

I think this stuff actually works!

As someone who has struggled with sleep on and off my entire life, I have tried A LOT of things to help me catch some z’s. This stuff may be the ticket.

Ashley S - Verified Buyer
Big Spoon Sleep Oil

Be Patient…It Does Work

Love this product. It did take a week or more to actually see a difference in my sleep. Definitely works better if you take a couple hours before bed time. Pleasant flavor which seems to be difficult to find.

Bobbi W - Verified Buyer
Big Spoon Sleep Oil

Best Sleep Ever!

One dropper of this and about half an hour and your sleep troubles will melt away. 10/10 experience, and no lingering grogginess when you wake up the next day.

Kadiya I - Verified Buyer
Big Spoon Sleep Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike syrups and pills which can take 30-90 minutes to work and also lose effectiveness through the digestive track, Big Spoon is designed for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Big Spoon sleep oil is a sublingual oil, which means you take it by dropping it under your tongue. Sublingual absorption is almost immediate so that it doesn't lose its potency and effectiveness.

We recommend taking Big Spoon every night and adding it to your nighttime routine, right before you floss and brush your teeth.

Whether you keep your wellness products on the counter next to the sink or in the medicine cabinet, Big Spoon is the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

Taking Big Spoon is easy and takes less than 20 seconds!

1) Fill up one dropper
2) Tilt your head back
3) Drop the oil under your tongue

Let it absorb under your tongue for 10 seconds and then swallow the rest. Done!

Big Spoon takes 15-30 minutes to start taking effect. You'll feel a calming sensation right before you drift off into dreamland.

We recommend adding Big Spoon to your nighttime routine, right before you floss and brush your teeth.

Each bottle contains 30 servings (droppers) of Big Spoon sleep oil.

Big Spoon will induce a calming drowsiness that will aid in a longer, deeper and healthier sleep.

Big Spoon is formulated without melatonin so that the “melatonin hangover” is absent when you wake up. Assuming you don’t accompany Big Spoon with a few cocktails, you should wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

Big Spoon comes with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. Simply email: Happiness@Sundayscaries.com and you'll be fully refunded.

If you don’t like the product and don’t feel its benefits, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it, right?

There are 60 servings (½ dropper) of Big Spoon sleep oil in each bottle.

Yes, it can. Drug tests differ in nature. Some rely on urine, some on blood, some on saliva and some on hair. Additionally, some drug tests are not sophisticated enough to differentiate between types of cannabinoids. Therefore, it is not recommended to take Big Spoon sleep oil if you need to pass a drug test.

No. It is not recommended to take Big Spoon sleep oil if you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding.