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FOMO Bones:The Natural Calming Treats for Dogs

Helps dogs relax in stressful situations:

  • Separation stress while you're at work
  • Fear of fireworks and loud noises
  • Nervous licking and whining
  • Loud vacuums and home appliances
  • Car trips and outings (vet visits!)

"FOMO Bones are the only treats that help calm down my stressed out pup"

Danielle St. Pierre, Dog Mom & Health Editor

What Makes FOMO Bones So Effective?

Passion Flower

Natural Calming Properties

Hemp Isolate

Stress Reducer


Support Emotionally Calmer State

Valerian Root

Stress Management


Has Sedative Properties

Natural Bacon Flavor

Yum, Yum, Yum!


“FOMO bones are great for plane rides, road trips, nervous pups, vet visits, fireworks and so much more!”
Remington Vearil
“me panic less when da pawrents leave me 4 errandz 🥲”
(Shiro) Kuma
“I love @fomobones CBD dog treats!🦴🐶 My mom loves them too because I don’t bark as much. 😛”
🐕FOMO Bones🐕 takes Violet from a Nervous Nelly to a serene tiny deer. No joke—these @fomobones are the best
Nothing like some FOMO Bones before a flight, amirite? Love you longtime @fomobones
Tank has no more #fomo since he has his @fomobones!

Why Thousands of Dogs Choose FOMO Bones

100% lifetime money back guarantee

All Natural

GMO Free

Pesticide Free

FDA - Approved Facility

Lab Tested & Verified

We spent over 18 months custom formulating our FOMO Bones with a proprietary blend of natural herbs and extracts.

Give your fur baby 1 bone 20 minutes before you leave the house for work, before bedtime or before they enter a stressful situation (vet, dog parks, fireworks) to help calm their nerves.

  • Small Dogs 1-50 lbs, 1 FOMO Bones per day
  • Large Dogs 51+ lbs, 2 FOMO Bones per day
  • FOMO Bones are soft and chewy for sensitive jaws

Relief for DOGGY STRESS from Mild to High

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See what pup-parents are saying

My Pup Loves Them

My dog has separation anxiety so I give him two of these every time I’m going to be gone for a while and he loves them. I like that I can give him a controlled dose.

Ashley N.
FOMO Bones

Fast Acting and Convenient

Average taste but fast acting and convenient delivery options. My dog even likes the doggy treats. 100% recommended.

Robert E.
Fomo Bones

Helps Ralph chill out!

When I leave my pup Ralph at home when I go to work he scratches at the door, barks like a maniac and runs from the front window to the door wondering where I'm going. I hate seeing him this stressed and my neighbors aren't too stoked either. FOMO Bones chills him out within 10 mins and I feel confident leaving him by himself.

Nick S.
FOMO Bones

My little yorkipoo LOVES his Fomo Bones.

My dog is easily startled when he is sleeping but i've been giving him the Fomo Bones before bed and he has been sleeping through the night.

Amy B.
FOMO Bones

FOMO Bones vs Other Calming Treats

I'm FOMO Bones
Traditional Calming Treats
All Natural
GMO Free
Award Winning
Proprietary Blend
Made in USA
100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I give my dog FOMO Bones?

We recommend giving you dog FOMO Bones 20-30 minutes before you embark on a stressful situation. The most popular time is as a nighttime snack, 20-30 minutes before bedtime.

Will FOMO Bones hurt my dog’s jaw or teeth?

No! FOMO Bones are super soft bone-shaped chews so they’re easily enjoyable for all ranges of jaw strengths.

What makes your FOMO Bones treats different?

Unlike other hemp extract-based treats, FOMO Bones are made by a speciality manufacturer that specializes in the industry’s leading speciality dog foods. They know their stuff.

Will FOMO Bones get my dog high?

No. FOMO Bones uses a hemp isolate which is free of other cannabinoids and THC.

What if my dog is small?

FOMO Bones can still be used for dogs under 10 pounds. We recommend breaking a bone into half for extra small dogs or dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Are there any side effects?

Just like humans, each dog is different and reacts differently to different ingredients. While very uncommon, if your dog experiences nausea, stop using FOMO Bones.

Can I take FOMO Bones on a flight?

Yes (for domestic flights). The TSA recently allowed hemp extract with under .3% THC to be allowed on domestic flights.