In modern day society stress levels are high af. Here are 5 examples of these stressful situations and how CBD can be the solution.

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  1. Handling your micromanaging boss

    Ever seen Office Space? Know why that movie is so funny? Because the annoying and condescending boss is relatable. Whether it's an unreasonable deadline or too many freakin' emails, we've all been there. Take CBD before work to keep calm and move on.

  2. Dealing with Air Travel

    Whether it's long lines, flight delays, a screaming baby or having the middle seat next to two armrest hoggers - air travel can suck. Take CBD before a flight to settle your nerves.

  3. Following through on plans you've already committed to

    Everyone is a culprit of this. An idea for a date or an event sounds super cool in the moment, and then once that moment comes you get hit with those second thoughts. Take CBD to soothe your woes after you end up flaking.

  4. Having the Fear Of Better Options (FOBO)

    Ever think about "the one that got away", or been at a party and can't stop thinking about going to that other party happening at the same time? Sounds weird, but it's real af. Take CBD to be in the moment and realize you're exactly where you need to be.

  5. Dealing with your moral hangover

    So it's the weekend again and you know what you're going to do... rage. Then you wake up on your couch Sunday morning, next to a half eaten box of pizza, and look at your phone to witness the 14 unanswered text messages you sent your ex. Take CBD to get out of your own head, restore your dignity and remind yourself that we're only human.

When it rains it pours. I was so stressed about before discovering CBD from this amazing company. I finally sopped freaking out and got out of my own head.

Josh G.