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  1. Handling their micromanaging boss

    Ever seen Office Space? Know why that movie is so funny? Because the annoying and condescending boss is relatable. Whether it's an unreasonable deadline or too many freakin' emails, we've all been there.

  2. Just trying to get all your "To-Dos" done during the week

    Do you have a whiteboard on your fridge with all your aging To-Dos? Maybe it's an actual whiteboard calendar in the office? Either way, we get it. Fortunately, most of the time, these 'chores' are daunting only because there are so many of them.

  3. Following through on plans you've already committed to

    It's Friday. You're at the bar. And you just promised your crush you'd go on a hike tomorrow morning. YIKES. Everyone is a culprit of this. An event sounds super cool in the moment, and then once that moment comes you get hit with those second thoughts and hangxiety.

  4. Dealing with your weekly moral hangover

    So it's the weekend again and you know what you're going to do... rage. Then you wake up on your couch Sunday morning, next to a half eaten box of pizza, and look at your phone to witness the 14 unanswered text messages you sent your ex.

  5. Being a super parent with toddlers & young kids

    You just spent 45 minutes making your kid's favorite dinner and now it's on the floor because they don't like pasta and meatballs this week. Meanwhile, there's toys in the fridge, stickers on the cabinets and now the dog is licking up the pasta sauce.

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