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CBD Sleep Oil

with 5-HTP, GABA, Lemon Balm, CBN, Chamomile, L-Theanine and Valerian Root

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  • Take CBD regularly to enhance the effects
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1 Bottle

Random Nights

2 Bottles

Workweek Nights

3 Bottles

Every Night

(Based on monthly supply)

Each Dropper Contains

1ml Full Spectrum CBD

6mcg 5-HTP

6mcg GABA

6mcg Lemon Balm

8.3mg CBN

6mgc Chamomile

6mgc L-Theanine

6mgc Valerian Root

750 mg per bottle


MCT Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Calming Terpenes.


Vanilla Cream    


Take a full dropper every night to sleep like the little spoon again.
Research suggests the effects of CBD are better felt taking the product daily for at least a month.

Reliable Certifications

At Sunday Scaries, all of our CBD raw materials are sourced from KND Labs in Denver, Colorado. KND Labs is a cGMP, ISO 9001:2015 and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Certified supply chain partner of CBD ingredients for global consumer products.

Their pristine, state of the art facility ensures clean, consistent and reliable CBD throughout the supply chain, from soil to oil.

Lab Results

Click here for 3rd Party Lab Results, also known as Certificates of Analysis.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD good for sleep?

While CBD at night may encourage consumers to fall asleep, formal studies on efficacy and dosing are still pending. The National Center for Biotechnology Information, which is a part of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, ran an analysis of CBD for anxiety and sleep which displayed promise for it’s application, although all results need to be analyzed cautiously. CBD can provide a cool and calm feeling that helps take the edge off so you can quiet your mind and encourage a restful sleep. Many current OTC sleep products may not be effective enough to induce sleep and you may wake up feeling groggy af the next day. Big Spoon is custom formulated to make you feel warm and fuzzy like a little spoon and will have you waking up without feeling like cotton balls got shoved in your head overnight.

When to take CBD oil for sleep?

CBD at night should be taken when you want to decompress after a long day and soothe your woes. Modern day stressors have led to people struggling with restless nights, ahem, thanks 2020. Everyone is different physiologically so it takes time and experience to determine whether or not CBD is better to be used in the morning or at night. Many consumers have reported that this has to do with accurate dosing, as an increase in CBD intake can allow the body and mind to deeply relax while more moderate amounts can help improve productivity and concentration. The ideal time to take CBD before sleep is 1-2 hours, although the effects can take place as soon as 30 minutes after consumption. Added ingredients like 5-HTP, Chamomile, GABA, L-Theanine, Lemon Balm and Valerian Root can encourage a healthy sleep pattern as well. Enter Sandman aka Big Spoon.

How much CBD oil for sleep?

CBD oil dosage for sleep can depend on a variety of factors like weight, tolerance and the type of CBD used. Big Spoon uses a broad spectrum CBD oil with the added CBN cannabinoid in an isolated form. The broad spectrum acts as an “entourage effect” with all the different cannabinoids working together in a symbiotic relationship. Just like coffee intake, what works for some people may not be the best for others. A cup of joe can have one person jittering in their hightops while another person may need 3 cups to feel anything at all. The best way to find your ideal dosage is to drop a 1/2 of a dropper under your tongue to calm your mind and scale up to a full dropper as needed for desired results, the same way you found out how much coffee you need in the morning.

How to take CBD oil for sleep?

CBD for sleep is best taken sublingually as the CBD can absorb faster into the body. Big Spoon has a soothing and delicious Vanilla Cream flavor which is perfect for bedtime. You can either drop a ½ of a dropper under your tongue at least 30 minutes before bedtime or add the sleep oil to water, tea or even with your favorite pint of ice cream. Yes, we know sugar isn’t the best before bedtime but on a Sunday night sometimes you crave something sweet, we get that. When dropping Big Spoon under your tongue it’s best to keep it there for a couple of seconds to allow it to fully absorb before swallowing. It tastes like heaven and has a groovy sensation so this is an added perk rather than a chore.

CBD vs. THC for sleep?

For some people falling asleep is the hardest part and for others it’s staying asleep. CBD and THC have both been rumored to help with sleep, but deciding which is best for you takes experience and is honestly preferential. Many people may feel side effects from THC like paranoia and even alertness. If you are someone who does not like psychoactive features (getting high) then THC is not the cannabinoid for you. CBD can help you chill out while simultaneously maintaining your composure and collectedness. All of Sunday Scaries products are custom formulated with CBD as the main active ingredient and for Big Spoon this CBD is enhanced with CBN for an added boost of ease. Big Spoon can help with racing thoughts without having you feel like you’re blasting into outer space with the THC component. It can help you drift off and stay in dreamland without nightly interruptions.

What is the CBN Cannabinoid?

CBN, short for Cannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant among over 120 other helpful cannabinoids. CBN is generating interest over its possible sleep-enhancing effects, although more studies need to take place to solidify this. CBN is an oxidation byproduct of THC that increases when exposed to a lot of heat. A 2011 study from the British Pharmacological Society Journals stated the potential for possible sedating effects from CBN and other cannabinoids. As a reminder, CBN and Big Spoon are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease so please consult your white coat person before consumption.