A hangover is an unfortunate consequence for a great night out with alcohol and friends. Of course, not everybody suffers from hangovers. There is a limited group who seem to escape the dreaded hangover—the lucky devils. But, for those who do suffer from hangovers, it can seem a whole lot worse once anxiety rears its ugly head. So, what can you do to rid the hangover stress? Below, we have shared the ways in which CBD could help with hangover stress and release the anxiety that appears the day after the night before.

What Is Hangover Anxiety?

hangover anxiety

Hangover anxiety works in the same way as general anxiety does. It can leave you paranoid about events that happened the night before. You could feel as there’s something is seriously wrong with you, health-wise. It generally starts with one thought and then it spirals into a downward black hole. One negative thought or feeling leads to another and then another and so on. In extreme cases, each thought can intensify, resulting in an increasing state of panic. Your brain goes into overdrive. Every minor detail, no matter how innocent it really is, seems like a horrendously bad event. People who already suffer from anxiety on a day-to-day basis will more than likely the experience hangover anxiety. Others may not really experience anxiety any other time, only when they have a hangover.

How Does Alcohol Cause Anxiety?

Alcohol Tolerance

When we consume alcohol, the body’s serotonin levels increase rapidly. Serotonin is what is responsible for regulating our emotions so when they shoot up, our mood and emotions can feel all over the place. When alcohol begins to leave our system, the serotonin levels start to fall again. The irregular levels are what causes a range of emotions including anxiety. We’ve all had one too many drinks at some point, and we’ve probably all experienced some kind of crazy mood swings in the process—that would be thanks to our fluctuating serotonin levels. Anxiety doesn’t always hit when we are drinking, though it sometimes creeps up the next day during a hangover. Whenever it is experienced, it is never a nice feeling. It’s actually pretty scary—and that’s putting it lightly.

What Is CBD

CBD is a natural compound that is found in specific strains of the cannabis plant. It has reportedly got a multitude of healing qualities that can be beneficial for a range of medical conditions. Another compound found in strains of the cannabis plant is THC. It is this compound that causes a high when used. But CBD is non-psychoactive which means that it doesn’t get you high. There is always skepticism surrounding cannabis products which is why it has taken so long for scientists and researchers to get the go-ahead in examining CBD more thoroughly. Other CBD sweets has been known about and has been around for many, many years. However, it has only been in the last year or two that professionals and authorities are willing to complete more research. The results, though they may be fairly limited, have shown exceptional results in treating several ailments. There is definitely a lot of potential for CBD to be introduced as a mainstream treatment for certain issues, diseases, and illnesses.

The Benefits That CBD Can Provide

CBD Benefits

CBD usually comes in the form of an oil, spray, vape liquid, or as gummies. The different ways in which you can take it can determine the time it takes to work, but essentially the CBD products can all offer the same benefits. When CBD enters our body, it interacts with our receptors. The same receptors are responsible for telling our brain that we are in pain, feel anxious, or even depressed. Once CBD makes contact with these receptors, they calm them down. This doesn’t result in you feeling high, it simply gives you a sense of calm and relaxation rather than feeling tense and worked up. It can make you feel uplifted, motivated, and more active.

So, Can CBD Help with Hangover Stress and Anxiety?

How chronic is your brain

In short, yes, it most definitely can. Of course, everybody can react differently to plant-based supplements and medicinal herbs but, generally, there have been very little to absolutely no negative effects of CBD reported. In fact, there has been a lot of CBD love going around lately. If there is one hangover symptom that causes stress the most, it is the feeling of sickness. Most of the time, nausea tends to stick around all day during a hangover, and this feeling alone can cause stress and anxiety. By using CBD, it can actually prompt certain receptors within our body that then releases a natural anti-nausea effect. Headaches, headaches, and more headaches. This is the number one hangover symptom, and as soon as you set your eyes on that bottle of wine sitting in front of you, you know full well that a hangover headache is on its way. Headaches are sometimes caused by dilated blood vessels and drinking alcohol can, of course, cause these blood vessels to dilate. CBD, with all its neuroprotective wonders, can actually ease this dilation effect which could provide headache relief. In your face, Merlot! No more head messing for you.

We aren’t here to tell you not to drink. There are risks, everybody knows that, and at the end of the day, it is your choice. There’s something extremely rewarding about finding a healthier alternative to combat anxiety, depression, or any other form of illness. CBD has definitely been one of those healthier alternatives for many people. Knowing that you aren’t pumping your body full of harmful chemicals over a long period of time, which causes even more damage, is a stress reliever in itself. Despite all that, no one should suffer from mental health issues in silence. With an increasing amount of awareness being brought to the potential of CBD, many people may be able to find the treatment that they are looking for to deal with stress, depression, and anxiety the healthy way.

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