What are Sunday Scaries?

A group of friends have the Sunday Scaries and lay by the hot tub hungover after a night of partying.

Do you dread the end of the weekend, experiencing intense anxiety on Sunday nights as the workweek looms ahead? If so, you’re not alone - you’re probably facing the “Sunday Scaries”.

Wait - what are Sunday scaries? Why do these ruin the start of my week, and what can I do to put this problem in the past for good?

Many people face this challenge, but fortunately, there are ways to combat these feelings of apprehension and regain control over your weekends. With our guidance below and the products we’ve designed specifically for the Sunday scaries, relief is well within reach.

    What are Sunday Scaries?

    A triple Venn diagram answering the question "What Are Sunday Scaries?", including Work Responsibilities, Hangover and Self-Doubt

    So - what are sunday scaries? These are the feelings of worry, nervousness and anxiety that set in on Sunday afternoons when the impending doom of Monday is right around the corner.

    This is when you need to return to work, school or just reality in general and an internal darkness overcomes you as you start to contemplate your self-worth and question your life choices.

    Oftentimes you can't even enjoy the time you have off on Sundays because you're stressing out about the responsibilities and demands that lurk on the horizon.

    Yup, adulting can suck.

    The Evil Symptoms of The Sunday Scaries

    A man with monster hands is stressed and holds his head in his hands

    Sunday anxiety can cause a range of symptoms from mild to severe. These include:

    An anxiety icon made by Sunday Scaries
    A depression icon made by Sunday Scaries
    A panic attack icon made by Sunday Scaries
    Panic Attacks
    A mind racing icon made by Sunday Scaries
    Mind Racing
    A low self-esteem icon made by Sunday Scaries
    Low Self-esteem
    A increased sweating icon made by Sunday Scaries
    Increased Sweating
    An upset stomach icon made by Sunday Scaries
    Upset Stomach
    A headache icon made by Sunday Scaries
    A heart attack icon made by Sunday Scaries
    Heart Attack(Call 911 immediately if you're expecting this)

    Fear is the underlying cause of Sunday Scaries. As the weekend comes to an end, we may feel a sense of impending doom, panic and powerlessness about the next week ahead.

    We can lessen the intensity of our anxiety and approach the new week with a more positive mindset by finding out whether we suffer from the Sunday Scaries or not by pinpointing the triggers and applying strategies to manage them.

    When do the Sunday Scaries Happen?

    The "Sunday Scaries," also referred to as the "Sunday Syndrome" and "Morkkis", typically start to creep in between 3pm and 5pm on Sundays. Although they can happen as soon as you wake up.

    The Sunday Scaries oftentimes gets confused with the Sunday Blues. They are strikingly similar, although the Sunday Scaries encompasses a feeling of anxiety while the Sunday Blues encompasses a feeling of depression. 

    You go from "live, laugh, love" to "oh no, not again" in a matter of hours. The sunshine and relaxation of the weekend become overshadowed by the looming darkness of the workweek. It's like the universe's sick joke: "Hey, you had your fun, now back to the grind."

    Research has even pinpointed the exact moment of this transition, suggesting that precisely at 3:28pm is when the shift occurs, heightening the awareness of the upcoming workweek and causing a tsunami of apprehension.

    An Expert Quote on The Sunday Scaries

    "I used to wake up with the Scaries every Sunday. The isolation was unbearable, especially during my single days. I would overwhelm myself with excessive worrying, running scenarios through my head about things that didn't even exist.

    I'd suffer from severe imposter syndrome, challenging my job as an entrepreneur by thinking I didn't have what it takes. I'd question my value as a father, brother and son, second guessing whether or not I was living up to their expectations.

    'Live a Scarefree life' is now my mantra, and while it takes continual self-growth, I'm now able to cope with the Scaries and be present, fulfilled and self-confident."

    Mike Sill, CEO & Co-founder at Sunday Scaries

    A girl with a yellow beanie snuggles up on her couch hungover with a bottle of Sunday Scaries in her hand


    Common Triggers of Sunday Afternoon Anxiety

    Now, what are sunday scaries caused by? This form of anxiety can be triggered by various factors like work-life balance challenges, partying, or the constant presence of technology that can make us feel overwhelmed by work demands & deflated by social media expectations:

    Let's dig into the main causes before we focus on ways we can live Scarefree.

    • Work-Life Imbalance: Feeling overwhelmed by a demanding job or a lack of fulfilling work can lead to stress. It's crucial to set boundaries and find time for self-care to prevent these feelings from taking over your Sunday afternoons.
    • Excessive Partying: While it's fun to let loose on the weekends, overindulging in alcohol or other substances can leave you feeling anxious and drained as their effects wear off, contributing to the dreaded Sunday Scaries.
    • Technology Overload: Being constantly connected can make it difficult to relax. Turning off work notifications and limiting screen time can help you reclaim your Sunday and reduce anxiety.
    • Social Media Pressure: Comparing yourself to the curated lives on social media can lead to feelings of inadequacy. Remember that these platforms often present an unrealistic picture of reality and taking a break can be beneficial for your mental health

    Strategies for Overcoming the Sunday Scaries

    We have a detailed guide on how to beat the Sunday scaries if you’re ready to regain control of your life. But below, we’ll highlight some of the most effective strategies that have worked for us and countless others.

    Establish a Relaxing Evening Routine

    A couple snuggles on their couch watching TV together after the consume the Sunday Scaries CBD Sleep Oil called Big Spoon

    Easing anxiety and enhancing sleep quality can be achieved by adopting a calming routine, especially on Sunday evenings. An appropriate night of relaxation can include activities such as:

    • Putting away your phone & computer
    • Snuggling up with your significant other & watching a movie
    • Indulging in your favorite Uber Eats comfort food
    • Drawing a warm bubble bath paired with a glass of vino
    • Calling a loved one and checking up on them

    Constructing a to-do list for the week ahead can assist in releasing tension and organizing thoughts before bedtime. Scribbling down those tasks is like a pre-bedtime exorcism for your brain. 

    Still looking for tips for getting better sleep? Our CBD sleep oil and THC gummies are the key to unlocking a deep, restful state of bliss, helping you get a good night’s rest without the frustration of constantly tossing and turning.

    We have a wide variety of other CBD gummies online as well, specifically designed to alleviate stress and the Sunday scaries - but we’ll get to that shortly.

    Focus on the Present Moment

    A girl writes in her journal on her bed after consuming Sunday Scaries strawberry CBD gummies, called Bra Bearies

    Reducing Sunday anxiety can be achieved through mindfulness practice and maintaining focus on the present moment. This sounds cliche but it works wonders.

    Engaging in the activities below will promote mindfulness and be beneficial in helping you stay present.

    Sunday Scaries - A meditation icon
    Sunday Scaries - A Deep Breathing Icon
    Deep Breathing Exercises
    Sunday Scaries - A Journaling Icon
    Sunday Scaries - A Reiki Icon
    Sunday Scaries - A Yoga Icon


    Focusing on the here and now is like a power-up for your brain – it's the ultimate stress-busting, focus-sharpening, efficiency-boosting move and it even gives you the superpower of seeing life's experiences in 4D.

    If Sunday anxiety starts to affect other days of the week and no activities bring joy, it may be indicative of depression and should be addressed by a professional.

    Engage in Fun & Enjoyable Activities

    A couple cope with their Sunday Scaries by hiking on a trail by the ocean

    Engaging in fun activities you enjoy on Sundays can serve as a distraction from work-related stress and anxiety. Some activities you can try include:

    • Embark on a spontaneous adventure with a friend - think skydiving, exploring hidden gems in your city or trying out a quirky new experience together like an escape room.
    • Book a concert or sporting event - there's nothing that can help you "escape" in a healthy way more than amazing entertainment.
    • Be in Mother Nature - this one is meant specifically for those city dwellers. Kill your claustrophobia and hit the beach, take a new trail on a hike for exercise or go scuba diving.

    These activities can be beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood and instilling a sense of accomplishment.

    Strategically planning ahead with a schedule and setting an agenda can maximize the benefits of the activities. Enhancing the enjoyment of activities can also involve setting aside time for yourself to rest or inviting friends or family to participate.

    Building a Support System: Phone a Friend

    A girl copes with her Sunday Scaries by drinking wine and texting a friend while laying on her bed

    You can build a support system by engaging with friends, family, colleagues, classmates or acquaintances who provide practical and emotional assistance. They can help you beat the Sunday Scaries.

    Connecting with these support allies can work wonders on your anxiety. It's a simple way to remind yourself that you're not alone, especially in those quiet, introspective moments that Sundays can often bring.

    They can be the perfect pick-me-up, reminding you of happy memories, sharing a laugh or even just lending a comforting ear to your worries.

    Finally, being with a loved one or reaching out to them often has a dual effect. Not only does it aid in alleviating your own anxiety but it also provides comfort to them. Maybe they have the Sunday scaries too - you can team up to put this problem to rest for good!

    Pursue Your Passion To Cure The Scaries

    A happy girl holds up two peace signs with her hands while a piece of Sunday Scaries CBD Candy, called Unicorn Jerky, hangs from her mouth

    Ah, the pursuit of passion, a.k.a. the overarching antidote to Sunday Sorrow. Who needs those dreadful Sunday Scaries when you're too busy chasing your dreams? Here's what unleashing your inner passion can do:

    It's like a happiness infusion - turning your life into a glittery unicorn parade of fulfillment and joy.

    Suddenly, you're Picasso with a pen or Julia Child in the kitchen – your creativity soars like a caffeinated bird.

    Your interests become your playground and curiosity is your middle name. It's no longer called "work".

    You're basically the James Bond of your chosen field - developing skills that make you an unstoppable force.

    So, go on, be that passion-fueled daredevil. Set goals like you're plotting world domination, take risks that'd make Evel Knievel blush, network like a pro social butterfly and find mentors like you're assembling a wise council of sages.

    Keep that motivation rocket fueled, stay laser-focused on your goals, and be open to hard work and exploring your passion like a fearless adventurer.

    Address Workplace Challenges to Avoid Irritability on Monday Morning

    Alright, fellow workweek warriors, let's face those workplace demons head-on. Here's eight ways on how to conquer those job-related hurdles and deal with performance anxiety at work:

    1. Prioritize like a Pro: Think of your to-do list as a treasure map where X marks the tasks that'll make the biggest splash.
    2. Delegate like a boss: Trust your comrades-in-arms with some tasks because you're not the lone hero on this quest.
    3. Take breaks like a champion: Refresh your brain cells; you're not a robot. Try the Pomodoro Technique.
    4. Set boundaries like a wizard: Make your work life and personal life play nice. Your time is sacred and you hold the wand.
    5. Talk to your work buddies: Communication isn't just for office politics; it can solve mysteries, like why the office printer never works.
    6. Hunt for feedback like a treasure hunter: Constructive criticism is your secret weapon for growth.
    7. Summon your supervisor when needed: No, not with a pentagram and not to complain – just when you need guidance, like a trusty sage.
    8. Know when to quit: Quitting your job isn't always a villainous move. Sometimes, it's like leaving a bad relationship. It might seem scary, but it's often the hero's path to personal growth and ultimate happiness. So, don't fear the Q-word – embrace it when the time is right.

    Conquer Sunday Scaries with the Power of CBD

    Remember earlier when we said we had cannabis products that could help you sleep? Well, that’s not all. We have an entire range of products designed to banish the dread of Sunday scaries for good.

    These are your natural defense against the overwhelming stress and anxiety that modern life throws your way. In fact, our brand was born specifically to alleviate this challenge that so many of us encounter week in and week out.

    No, our gummies aren’t a cure-all like other brands claim. But there is no denying their ability to support you in your battle against the Sunday scaries. Here's why our gummies are the go-to choice for serenity now:

    • Precision-Targeted Relief: Infused with high-quality CBD, our gummies are meticulously designed to counteract anxiety, providing a quick and sustained decrease in anxious feelings as validated by scientific research.
    • Unrivaled Quality: With a commitment to transparency, every gummy is a testament to our rigorous manufacturing standards, ensuring you receive nothing but the best.
    • Delicious and Convenient: Our gummies boast an exceptional taste profile and are conveniently packaged, making them the ideal stress-relief companion wherever you go.
    • The Proof is in the Puddin’: Lauded by over 300 credible publications and countless verified buyers, our CBD Gummies have earned their reputation as the ultimate stress-reliever.

    CBD works in harmony with your body's endocannabinoid system, gently modulating stress responses and fostering relaxation. Say goodbye to restlessness, self-doubt, and the unease of transition from weekend to workweek. 

    Our gummies also tackle hangover-related headaches and nausea, ensuring your Monday starts on a positive note. You can try a variety of products at your disposal, ranging from CBD gummies for focus to extra strength CBD gummies, CBD Candy, CBD treats for dogs, CBD oil tinctures, vegan CBD gummies, and a whole lot more.

    Experience a chill pill in a tasty, chewable form. It's time to transform your mental soundtrack from anxiety-inducing loops to soothing beach reggae rhythms. 

    Seize a gummy, recline, and let the good vibes roll in. Say farewell to Sunday Scaries, and hello to a chill, balanced, and joyful you.  

    Recognizing When to Seek Professional Help

    Sunday Scaries CEO, Mike Sill, is stressed while working at his computer with the background on this screen reading "Help Me!"

    If the Sunday Scaries are having a detrimental effect on your sleep or eating habits or if you are regularly absent from work on Mondays, consulting a mental health professional may be beneficial.

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the social anxiety treatments that may be helpful. Additionally, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications may also be used but please consult a doctor first.

    When intense anxiety becomes unmanageable on your own, seeking professional help becomes vital.

    Mental health professionals can help identify the source of anxiety and provide effective strategies for managing it, as well as offering support and guidance in overcoming the Sunday Scaries.

    Join us in de-stigmatizing mental health and making anxiety more approachable.

    Wrapping Up Our Complete Guide to Sunday Scaries

    So, in summary, what are Sunday scaries? These are like that pesky neighbor you can't avoid, but fear not, we got your back. With the right game plan and a sprinkle of support, you can defeat these weekly terrors.

    Start by dissecting those Sunday triggers, crafting a tranquil evening ritual, staying present like a zen master, diving into offbeat fun, assembling your own Avengers (a.k.a. your support system), wielding the power to change your work life and when all else fails, calling in the professionals.

    In the end, it's all about taking the reins of your life and making your well-being a top priority. That way, you can face each week with the swagger of a rock star (one that's not hungover) and regain your lost self-confidence.

    Ready to fight the Sunday Scaries? Shop our CBD Gummies for FocusCBD CandyCBD Treats for DogsCBD GummiesCBD Oil TincturesCBD Sleep OilExtra Strength CBD Gummies, Delta-9 THC Gummies, CBD Edibles, and Vegan CBD Gummies online today!

    So go ahead, seize those weekends, and let your Sundays shine again.