Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition that is quickly becoming very common. However, it’s badly misunderstood. PTSD is thought to be common only among Veterans. Even though it does mostly affect people who have been to combat zones, it also does affect people who haven’t been to war.

It’s highly believed and understood that you could get PTSD if you undergo any type of traumatic event such as:

  • Childhood neglect
  • Sexual harassment
  • Physical torture and abuse and such.

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Finding a remedy for PTSD isn’t an easy task comparable to just taking a pill for your standard headache. There are so many different remedies ranging from prescribed medications such as:

  • Prozac
  • Paxil
  • Zoloft

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To an assortment of behavioral and lifestyle changes. The problem with just using the prescribed medication is that they are almost always accompanied by many side effects like:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Erectile dysfunction and so on.

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So many alternative medications have been identified on the market, although the effectiveness of the different treatments has yet to be assessed. That is why most people are very grateful for the recent awareness of Cannabidiol (CBD) –which is a compound extracted from the marijuana plant. CBD comes with significant medical advantages.

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The substance has been identified as a new and improved PTSD treatment. Today, it’s being used by various doctors for the treatment and management of PTSD.

CBD, an improved PTSD treatment

Living with PTSD can be a nightmare, and there is no any other better way to say this. It starts with night terrors and leads to being hypervigilant, paranoid and unstable. It’s actually dreadful, to be forever on the cusp of fear.

In the recent past, opiates have been the most recommended remedy by a majority of doctors; however, the opiates themselves have become unhelpful and are also dangerous.

CBD, however, is a new and improved remedy for PTSD. This is an all-natural treatment for PTSD that is really functional and has no side effects.

Studies show that CBD could be the right answer. There’s a compound in cannabis called THC that has been championed as the PTSD treatment.

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Studies have proved that sufferers of PTSD have very low levels of anandamide, an endocannabinoid known as the bliss molecule. It’s a substance produced, during activities like doing exercise, and these cannabinoids function to replace your anandamide levels, which in turn helps treat PTSD.

It’s true indeed that PTSD sufferers have very low levels of endocannabinoids and higher CB1 receptor densities. The CB1 receptor attacks any traumatic memories by deactivating such memories so that you just forget about them. If you happen to be under the deficiency of endocannabinoid, you will be at risk of suffering from impaired fear distinction plus other conditions related with PTSD.

The cannabinoids react to two receptors, CB1 and CB2, which enables you to come back to your normal state of mind and body.

Another trauma experienced by the sufferers of PTSD is an abnormally high degree of fear. CBD helps you manage what we call ’learned fear’; therefore, it’s not like prescribed treatment because CBD fights the condition from its root problem.

Very enlightening research by physicians has proved that cannabis has the power to minimize the strength or impact of traumatic memory using synergetic mechanism. The outcome of this is that; it’s easier for PTSD patients to fall into a deep sleep and rest. You also experience less anxiety and a low flashback memory rate.

CBD gives long-term health benefits

The most interesting feature of CBD and cannabis above all is its capacity to provide long-term positive effects. As per now, the prescribed medications provided, tend to give short-term benefits and the big advantage is that they leave the patient with long-term side effects.

Why go for CBD over THC for PTSD treatment?

THC is well known for inducing a ‘’high’’ effect on you, but if you go for CBD for PTSD, you will never experience any psychoactive effects. In addition to that, CBD has been identified to have a continuous positive effect on your overall health, mind, and soul.

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CBD will just help you to feel more normal, and it’s also non-intoxicating, which means that you don’t have to worry whether it could negatively impact your wellness to perform your regular activities.

There is enough evidence presented about the effectiveness of CBD from the patients who have used it before. The sufferers have shown improved symptoms significantly, with little crippling depression. The patients are therefore able to start living a normal life again instead of feeling numbness and feeling forsook which are the most common feelings of PTSD.

CBD will fight insomnia

The effects of PTSD are known to be very powerful, due to this fact, stress is an inevitable consequence. With stress, you produce powerful hormones meant to stimulate you into aggressiveness or to be in the state of ‘’flight’’. Unfortunately, this condition deprives you of much-needed sleep, hence sleeping becomes virtually impossible.

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Due to the presence of a powerful sedative effect in marijuana, it’s advisable that the patients take CBD to offset insomnia. Proper sleep and rest are very important for functional brains, leave alone dealing with PTSD, and CBD from hemp is proved to be better than marijuana for the treatment of this affliction.

CBD reduces anxiety

Having anxiety as a result of chronic stress is a common condition among the sufferers of PTSD. Conventional treatment can be efficient, but the many negative side effects are known all over.

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Marijuana and hemp are both found in cannabidiol (CBD) and helps ease anxiety by inducing a feeling of relaxation without the mental impairment.

CBD treats ‘’flashbacks’’

PTSD patients have to deal with traumatic memories more often than most. They experience constant flashbacks and reminders which are extremely unpleasant. Fortunately, patients who use cannabis as a treatment method, find it to be very effective and efficient.

While it is true that there is far more involved in the treatment and management of PTSD than just taking CBD, the fact of the matter is that having the right base can help bolster the effects of the other treatments. CBD has been found to be an excellent start for those suffering from PTSD.

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