Is CBD Legal?

Today, people are in utter confusion about whether CBD is legal. Well, we think that the industrial hemp is not a psychoactive substance and is not present within Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. They are known to be legal for selling, importing and consumption in the country of United States.

The Controlled Substances Act

Controlled Substances Act

The term marijuana refers to each and every part of Cannabis plant, regardless of their growth, the extracted resin from the different parts of these plants, compounds, salt, manufacturer, mixture, derivative, preparations of these plants, resin or seeds. These terms are not inclusive of the stalks of these plants, cake or oil that are developed from the seeds of these plants, fiber that are produced from these stalks, salt, manufacture, derivative or any preparation of these mature stalks, cake, oil or fiber, or the seeds of these plants which are not able to germinate.

The outlawing of CBD by DEA


On 14th December 2016, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has come up with the latest rule that states the Establishment of New Drug code which is for Marijuana Extracts. According to us and the legal counsel, this new rule is effective on the DEA registered entities who needed to track these materials in the past. According to the document, the only thing which affects the registrants who are known for handling extracts of marijuana will be the need for adding the latest drug code. The rule is effective from 13th January of this year.

A message about the DEA

Thus, it can be summarized, that the DEA is capable of regulating foodstuffs as well as related products comprising of natural THC, if it is present within the marijuana, under the CSA. It is allowed to regulate synthetic THC of different kinds. However, they are not able to regulate the THC, that occurs naturally and is not present within or are derived from marijuana or non-psychoactive industrial hemp stuff. It is due to the fact that non-psychoactive industrial hemp is not included in the Schedule I. It is because the statues require strict interpretation and pursuing to specific terms, and as the DEA is not authorized to regulate those drugs which are not scheduled.

Can CBD from medical marijuana be found in all the 50 states


Well, the answer is no. CBD which is derived from medical marijuana is known to be legal in only those states that have passed the laws of medical marijuana.

Can CBD from industrial hemp be found in all 50 states?

Of course! CBD or Cannabidiol oil which is derived from the industrial hemp plants can be availed in all the states. The FDA takes hemp oil products into consideration as dietary supplements. They are believed to be safe for ingestion by people.

If you are residing in the United States, you can buy as well as intake our products. They can be transported across the state lines. 

Is CBD from medical marijuana the same as CBD from industrial hemp

Industrial hemp

Well, the answer is no. CBD from industrial hemp is very similar to that of the CBD from medical marijuana. The only reason why the CBD derived from the industrial hemp can be availed whereas the CBD from medical marijuana is not is due to the fact that no THC is virtually present in CBD oil from industrial hemp.

The FDA has permitted that THC can be present in hemp oil in a concentration of less than 0.3%. With triple testing of our products, it has been revealed that the oil, as well as the products, are less than the threshold, where THC is present the concentration of zero.

Is it possible to purchase your products from the retail stores

Finding CBD products of premium quality can be a hassle some process owing to the explosion of the popularity of cannabidiols over the past few years. Today, you can buy CBD products from the nutritional store, pharmacy or local big box retailer. We are now working with third-party retailers, brick and mortar retailers to ensure that all the life-changing products reach you at ease.

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