Your computer and phone are full of distractions: social media, games, that meme your best friend sent you.

However, instead of throwing them out the window you can leverage your electronic devices for good.

Log out of Instagram and download these 3 apps to revolutionize your work day.

Each one is a tried-and-true platform that has helped me manage time and tasks better in concrete, tangible ways.

Oh, and the best part is that all of these apps are free!

1. Trello



Okay, this is an app that actually makes working fun! Well, not really, but it does help you feel happier when you move a task from column to column.

The way Trello works is that you create boards with different titles, i.e. To Do, In Progress, and Completed. You can put your tasks on the first board and the move them once they’re completed (which is seriously the best feeling in the world).

Trello is great for organizing your own projects, but it’s also a good tool to use for group projects or work being done by individuals. You can chat and drop links in files on each board, letting you and your team stay connected and share information in a way that’s organized and efficient.

You can also label each task to symbolize its urgency or who’s responsible for it — the app is really flexible, so you can play around with it to see how to best leverage it for your workplace.

2. Flipd


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This app serves to make you more productive by encouraging you to get off your phone. You can set Flipd sessions to last different lengths of time, and once a session starts you can’t go on your phone until it ends or you lose all your progress.

Flipd doesn’t physically stop you from using your phone like some other apps do, but the incentive of finishing a session or having to admit defeat works surprisingly well.

And the app lets you pause your session for a very limited period of time, so if you need to send an urgent text or make sure you’re driving the right way you can quickly pause without ruining your session (or get lured in by the call of all your apps and texts).

Additionally, knowing that there’s an end in sight and you only have to stay off your phone for 30 minutes (or whatever length of time you choose) makes your work more manageable and encourages concentration.

Oh, and did we mention that it keeps a running tally of how much time you’ve spent off your phone from the day you download the app? Watching that number rise is super motivating and fun!

3. Toggl


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This section should seriously be its own article because Toggle is such a great app.

Since I found out about this app, I’ve started using it all the time. Like, seriously incessantly. It’s just a basic time tracker, but it’s helped me account for my time and become a better and more efficient worker.

Toggl is great because you can enter in titles for each project or task and then assign every project to a folder and a client, so you can see how much time you’ve spent on a specific type of work over varying periods of time.

It also shows you how much time you’ve spent working throughout the day. So if you’ve only logged 4.5 hours of actual work time during an 8-hour workday, you know you need to reexamine how you’re working and rejigger your time to stay on task more.

By tracking tasks each time you do them, you can see how long they take you and then start organizing your time better. Because we all know how easy it is to set aside an hour for a task that in reality takes four hours.

Last Words

This list isn’t super long because it’s not a compilation of every single productivity app on the market: it’s a curated list of the 3 apps that I use daily to organize my time and tasks, the three apps that I’ve noticed make a measurable improvement in my productivity and workflow.

They all serve specific, unique purposes, and work together to help you construct a more productive and better organized work day.

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